Minotaur Brothers - Deadly Earth tank pair

in #splinterlands3 years ago

Lately, I been using the Minotaur Brothers from the Earth Splinter alot. The Minotaur Warlord and Minotaur Warrior is a deadly pair at the front, especially under favourable ruleset.


Minotaur Warlord is one of the underrated legendary that is seldom seen in every league. Possibly due to its high mana and players prefer the Flesh Golem with self healing ability. But in high man game, the Minotaur Warlord is a better choice for its Magic Reflect and Return Fire ability, chipping some health from other attackers. Using him with Nymph and SOTF, you can guarantee that he will last for at least a couple of rounds, while dealing damage to his attackers.

Minotaur Warrior is almost never used in the game. Every player hates him and his low price on the market reflects that. But I find pairing him with Minotaur Warlord is a pretty good combo. With Piercing and one speed higher that Warlord, the Warrior will be able to take out the shield of the opponent's tank monster. Warlord will then be able to deal its full 5 melee attack, and also a blast to the back monster. Two rounds of this and your opponent's tank will likely be gone. Even when the Warlord is dead, the Minotaur Warrior is still a good replacement tank.

Battle 1

Ruleset: Target Practice, Even Stevens
Mana: 34


The Minotaur Bros are pit against a single tank in Flesh Golem. There is no way we can lose to him. While the opponent concentrates on sniping, my bros will take out the entire team from the front, dealing lots of melee attack. The only downside is the low speed. If the opponent tank is cocatrice, I would say its gg, there is no way my bros can get a hit on it. So a high mana game is a prerequisite to play the bros.

Battle 2

Ruleset: Fog of war, Even Stevens
Mana: 34


So here, my opponent has the cocatrice in front. So I had to put in some magic attackers to take him out. Using Magi and Prismatic Energy is a good choice as they have higher speed than my Minotaur Bros, ensuring that coca is taken out before their turn. Once coca is gone, the game is won.

I had only maxed the Minotaur Warlord recently and am pretty happy with using Earth Splinter nowadays. Without Rennyn, I had always hated a green daily quest. But now with Minotaur Bros, Lyanna is becoming great again!


Need to give those a try. Saw the Minotaur warlord being used yesterday (maybe it was by you?) and it killed my team in no time. I've been neglecting it, but after seeing that, I realized I should give him some TLC....

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