Let's play a simple game - Find the Splinterlands NFT Card ID and win DECs!!

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Did you know?

Every monster card in Splinterlands is a NFT (Non Fungible Token) with a unique card ID. The card in your collection is unique and different from the other millions of Splinterlands cards even if they are the same monster, same edition or same level.

Every Splinterlands card has a unique card ID and it looks like this C3-79-UUT7TSLVN4

  • C3 represents the edition, in this case this is a Rewards card.
  • 79 is the monster type, the Highland Archer
  • and UUT7TSLVN4 is a unique code for this particular card. It is a 10-character alphanumeric code that uniquely identify this card from the rest. The characters sequence is probably randomly generated and there can be trillions of possible combinations.

Let's play a game

So now you know that each Splinterlands card has a unique card ID and there are millions of cards out there in players' collections. Have you wondered if there are any card ID that contains a legitimate English word? I would like you to find that out!

Take a look at this Sea Monster with a card ID that contains the word GROW in it. This is a valid English word, according to Oxford dictionary.

Now I challenge you to find a card that contains an English word too.


  • Contains an English word in the card ID that is verifiable by using www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com
  • Minimum number of length of word is 4
  • You must own the card. If you found it in the market, you should buy it!


  • 4-letter word = 100 DEC (limited to the first 20 entries)
  • 5-letter word = 800 DEC (limited to the first 5 entries)
  • 6-or-more-letter word = 5000 DEC (limited to the first 3 entries)

Once you found a valid card, simply make a comment with this link so that I can verify it. https://steemmonsters.com/cards/find?ids=C3-103-244DBXGROW replace the id with your card ID.

So go out there and start card hunting now. Good Luck!


Hey found a couple, you can verify I own the cards. Not sure if you're still doing this! Cheers.



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I guess that gives isobar and bark ?!

Yay <3 Thanks for the fun game !

6-letter word ISOBAR! wow! 5000 DEC!

Thanks !!! And I had it on my account ! <3

NAPE - 100 DEC!

My main account has a four word combo


Rut, ruts, sloth and loth

And this one from my gold account is brilliant. It would make the perfect phone number for a money lender.



although I suppose if you were an usury you wouldn't have a free phone number. 😂

USURY - 800 DEC!

Woo hoo! Thanks a bunch! 😍

Whats the link?

Oops! Sorry. I've edited it in now. 😁

SLOTH - another 5-letter! 800 DEC!

Yay. Thanks! I'm going on the hunt for a 6 letter. Surely I have one . . .

I'm not sure how to use that link you posted above. I just end up with a load of code and not an image like the first comment

I have a card with two words in it C1-29-L2VS0FTL0G.

Does that count?

I also have C-95SBQHLOLS 😂 Slang but pretty funny.

As well as the King in this one C1-2-K0NG2IO2KW

You should input the word into the search bar of that page, if the word is valid, it will return a result. If not, it will return with no match.

Unfortunately, the 2 words in C1-29-L2VS0FTL0G are not valid. Because those are actually 0 (zero) instead of O (the letter O).

But for your card C-95SBQHLOLS, I will take that as a valid entry because LOLS did return a match at the oxford dictionary (see link below). For that, you won 100 DEC! Nice try!

Great! Thanks very much. 😁

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Hello @jrvacation can you please clarify 2 things for me?

Can we change cards once you have veryfied the link?
The DEC is going to be sent after post payment, so in 3 days?

Thanks ! <3

Hi, I had already sent the DECs to you. Total 5600 DECs. Check your steem-engine history.

Thanks so much @jrvacation. Not want to push it, but ISOBAR also counts as bark right? 2 words?
And you said this one didnt count:
BALE not le0n ! :p

ok. sent you another 200 dec

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Stop voting for suns witnesses!

Thought this would not be difficult, but half hour later I admit this is not easy.

found something!
The word "BILL" in it!

Nice! But you need to own the card (see the rules). If this is from the market, you can buy it, and 100 DEC will be yours!

My bad. Bought the card!

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