MonsterTools: Online personal Splinterlands cards usage + win rate + DEC report for any account

in #splinterlands4 years ago (edited)

So cool. Looking at mine now.

So are you storing $seasons X players$ static files in a git repo? Did that get unwieldy? Source code at

Ultimately, I will move it to some server / own domain. I was wondering if it would work that way on Github Pages ​​and it worked haha :-)

Just found about this tool from @monstermarket. Wonderful tool.

Also may I say you are a very talented player! I know that you know that but still I can say it again!

Many thanks for your splendid contribution to this blockchain!

Thanks! In the beginning, it was simply a script that I used for my own needs, but then I thought "why not share with others and make it available online" :)

Thanks for doing this!

Thanks so much for another great Splinterlands post!!!

Smart move using GitHub Pages :) Like that

At first, I thought that it's a stupid solution (maybe it is ;-) ), but decided to give a try, as I wanted to have it done, just to let people use it. It's free, no performance problems, I don't need even database so far. All of these are just small static .md files, that GH converts to .hml.

Thanks, @jacekw. Another cool tool

Cool, I really like and appreciate you! Except on the battlefield😜

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