m00n Lambo Money or: How I learned to stop worrying and love splinterlands new open source web bots

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The current kerfuffle with the direction of splinterlands reminds me of my time back in school. Cool as a cucumber me was an officer in the chess club. Yeah, that is right, I was a slick chick magnet. But anyway the leader of the chess club was envious of the leader of the board game club's larger member group and its popularity. That dude was pulling in the hottest cheerleaders. We tried different things to get more members in the chess club, mostly things like making them buy their own chess sets at a high price and then not teaching them how to play. Despite our doing almost nothing it did not work out the way we expected. Thus our leader decided that the game was what was wrong and it needed to be changed. And so he did!

I'm sure you all know the history of chesopoly but it started in my club, I saw it first hand. The absolute genius of combining the two games together was just overwhelming. As you all know it became the nations game, games were played live on prime time TV, international tournaments were bigger than the supper bowl, that guy made billions.

I think more or less the same thing is going to happening here in splinterlands. The pay to win, two turn, farming and grinding modifications are sure to be a success that will attract players from all types of games. After all who would not leave their own well established game to play a bastardized version of it and get to not only pay for the ability but be so far behind everyone else that it is futile to rank up? You guys are all going to be sooooo rich. How will you deal with the tens of thousands of new users? It is going to be wild!

But sadly I'm a simple guy. I like to play chess, and I like to play my simple classice card game. Because of this fact that I'm an old dude who can't adapt to these type of changes I'm sadly in tears looking to exit splinterlands. The game has been really fun and I have learned a huge amount. It will be so hard to say good by to all the friends I have made here.

As many of you know I hold about 10% of the market cap of the game in cards, packs, DEC and other odds and ends. Clearly selling at the market price for all of this will not only hurt me, but will also hurt you. I have no intention of hurting anyone here so I have found a couple of solutions that work for everyone.

The first was to offer up my cards to Matt and company. Quick and easy, no drama, problem solved. In addition to this as a bonus our agreement that they do not ban or hinder bots would become moot. I'm not sure what agreements they have with other bot players but if they bought back my cards I would no longer care or sue them if they interfered with bot play. I did contact Matt and he did express interest but I suspect they do not really have the ability to buy back the cards. I asked him about the ability part and so far no response. That being said, I'm still open to this.

However it might have been best for that option to flounder as I have come up with a much better solution that will help increase the value of the game and the cards for everyone! Drum roll please................ Open sourced web bots! BOOOOM!!!!

Right? Why did no one come up with this sooner? This is going to solve sooo many problems in the game right now and even future ones. The first advantage is it solves the farming, crafting, and grinding that many people will not want to do. I mean I know the new people will love that shit, as that's the main if not only draw for them, but many of us old dudes will not want to do that, just so we can play our card game. So the bots saves so much pain for people who just are not interested in that bull shit.

However the best part of this is that the open sourced web bot will be a money maker multiplier!!!! You guys making bank off of just one deck? Not because of your limited disposable crpyto, but because of time restraints? Well this is the solution for you! Now you can sit back and watch your decks bring in the rewards. 5, 10, dare I say 20 accounts are now manageable for the average user! And if you don't drink cognac by the bucket, maybe even more! The new demand for accounts will shoot the prices of the cards sky high! People will scramble over each other in panic buys! You guys are so lucky to be able to get access to the market now before all the new players flood in. I know, I know but you do not need to thank me. I'm just happy that I can make the game better for all of you. That being said, all of my decks and packs are now for sale since I can't keep up with you whippersnappers. If anyone wants to get in early let me know A.S.A.P. as supplies are very limited. I only have about $300,000 of soon to skyrocket value to share with you. If one or two fat cat billionaires get word of this, it might be gone faster than you realize so don't wait act now! Don't let this once in a life time opportunity might just pass you by!

And as an added bonus to everyone who buys a full account from our team, and in the spirit of the pay to win system that will be the core of the future game, we will offer FREE limited access to our pay to win subscription simulation bot that will automatically work with the open sourced web bot provided to all. Want to beat the few humans you will get matched with over all the bots playing 24/7? The simulation bot is highly effective. Want to beat all the normal open sourced web based bots? Signing up to our service is almost a guaranteed win. We know what they will play, so we can play even better!

Now are you the type that like to pay out your ass and win it all? For people like you and me we have a V.I.P. subscription service where we will give you the best shot of winning that technology can provide. We will tell all the non V.I.P. subscription bots you match to play poorly thus handing you the win that you clearly have earned when you pay to win with our service.

Yes, there will be one or two human players who will cry about how this is unfair to them and maybe even sell their cards but as the game becomes more bot friendly they will leave anyway, might as will get their cards now while the prices are still low. After all who cares about people who won't pay to win anyway? Who needs that dead wight? They are just holding the game back and stopping you from making that m000n lambo money.

So let's all get on that money train! See you at the Lambo dealership on the mother trucking m000000000n! wh0000000000

p.s. For all the old dudes like me who are way too old or dull to level up and ride that train there is potentiality a new blockchain based game coming along that will focuses on play that is more traditional or classic to cards games that we all know. No pay to win, two turn bull shit needed. Since we will not have to support the life style of a founder who does not develop in ways the community supports, the costs maintaining the game will be extremely low. The game will not be a get rich quick scheme or a way to pump STEEM price. It will be community directed, maybe even directed by votes using a proof of stake methodology. Guild wars and PvsE features will added as soon as the basics are sorted out. As for all you m00n money makers who will stay only with splinterlands, do not worry, there will be no direct competition with splinterlands as we will focus on stuff that is fun for humans, not how bots can make money. There will be little to no overlap in the gaming systems. If this new game is something you are interested in please let me know how you can help develop it or just stay tuned for more information. It will not be easy and will take time, but at least the funding is more than ready. To the many of you that have already expressed interest in the new game and have informed me of your special skills, I think you greatly for it. That support has helped me push the idea to where it is today. Looking forward to both highly successful games existing side by side in eternal friendship.

By the way to all splinterlanders if you want to get in on the V.I.P. pay to win subscriptions we will have discounts to early birds. You know you will have to join anyway, might as well pay us now and save! Use code “I want dat m00n Lambo money” to save 10% on yearly subscriptions! Act now as it is a limited time offer!



Me personally? OMG no! You got me good lol! No way in hell.

I entered university on a scholarship to study computer engineering and was assigned an upperclassmate who was purposed to help me in the program. She worked part time as a stripper to cover school costs and if she did not have access to the best coke in the whole world... Anyway no, I never even learned how to program. I take screen shots with my phone camera on the computer screen. I'm not even able to make a game if I had the ability to do so.

But somehow my not so smart donkey ass ended up not only playing magic the card game when it was new and tossing around black lotuses at lunch like the cardboard it was, I ended up in bitcoin when it was trades less than it cost to print the damn black lotus in the first place. I somehow ended up with the fund to not only end up with 10% of the market cap of a game I assume was going to die and become worthless but I don't even remember my second thought, sorry about that. But anyway I can fund an open sourced game that is not about money, that takes not a lot of money, I think the cost is honestly really close to 0, so If you are worried about money, I can cover just above 0.

Now do I know people who have the mad skills to not only be able to make a bot on splinterlands, but to win the damn thing over and over? You have heard about the th12 team right? You understand they won the last 2 out of the last 3 season? I'm good at playing but I also like to drink. The top 4 last season were 1000 points above 10th rated. My team has the mad skills to not only make a bot on a shit chain, but could very well manage a basic game with significant help from the community.

Now why would I even bother to make a game? I like playing these type of games, I have since I was a kid. I have thousands of real physical cards from many different games in my house. It is fun. So yeah, what was your question about again?

I will take that as support, and if it does come to this, you will see it. I'm honestly wanting Matt to jump ship, let us see how it goes. If he joins, he will be game God, but we will limit his powers. Sort of like a constitutional king. After all what does Matt really want to do? presell bull shit land crap or make the game we all want? Hmmmmm ;)

I don't really like botting myself. I have this mindset that we should see the game as a fun experience.

But obviously the games success is brought by the monetary value of the assets, so obviously we are all thinking about money when playing the game.

I would love to try botting, but not do it for a long period of time.

I currently play manually with my 5 decks, and I manage quite nicely (at least to complete the quests)

Thanks for this post, it was definetaly interesting read :)

I'm glad you are open to try botting. It is so easy, all you have to do is sit back with a beer or two and watch that money flow in! Yeah, splinterlands is about that money, got to get as much as we can as fast as we can!

5 decks is pretty solid for a human to manage, but if you ever need some time off, or you know just want to make that money 24/7 the free open sourced bots might be useful.

Also you might find that you are just making too much money and playing on your own just becomes too risky, can't lose that income. If so the game that is build for fun, not money, might be for you. I think most people in the community will love both games.

Thanks so much for making a reply, I always love to hear feedback!

id run your script mate.
-novice dev

everyone will, we are the best, I will let you know when its out, thanks for the support.

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