To the victor go the, Spoils or Spoiled? | Splinterlands

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Today's daily rewards were genuinely difficult to earn, truly hard fought. Yet to carry the war metaphor forward, I might also say "to the victor go the spoils", yet, these spoils were more "spoiled" than prize.

Not much to look at, but here they are...

hard fought.png

They ain't much to look at, but I wouldn't complain. First, each of these cards was 100% free of charge, so the price was right. Second, I'd have played Splinterlands today even if these rewards were never promised. Therefore, I am glad and grateful, despite the underwhelming quality of these freebies.

If you'd also like to earn some rewards for your time and attention, then consider joining me in the Splinterlands. In the Splinterlands players are rewarded for their time and attention.

As always thank you for your time and attention. Have an amazing day and God bless.



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