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Again today I was able to unlock a Champion level III daily reward, which includes 16 free loot chests: let's unpack them here together. At first glance they might not appear like much but each of these cards pack a punch.

cheap but effective.png

None of these cards are worth a great deal yet each is quite welcome. These cards represent some of the best new cards available, each of these cards is in my view part of the lastest meta.

Screeching Vulture

screeching vulture.png

Opportunity attack is so powerful and combined with scavenger and flight, all within a 3 mana cost monster, make the Screeching Vulture a must have for top tier Earth builds.

Warrior of Peace

warrior of peace.png

Silence, headwinds and demoralize all packed within a 14 hit point meat shield, make the Warrior of Peace, an excellent contributor to any high mana Life build. As I see it, this card represents an inexpensive alternative to the neutral monster, Peaceful Giant. Both cards have huge hit point pools, but a maxed out Peaceful Giant will cost you over $75 USD, while a perfect WoP will cost $4 or $5 USD...

Sand Worm

Sand worm.png

The Sand Worm is the single most powerful sneak melee monster in the game, making it a must have for sneak focused builds. More than that however, the Snare and Pierce abilities more than offset the high mana cost, particularly with the new meta often permitting 40 or even 90 mana team caps.

Ant Miners

ant miners.png

On the other end of mana cost spectrum we have this tiny titan, the Ant Miner. This card costs only 2 mana to field, making it among the cheapest monsters available, but make no mistake this card packs a punch. At higher levels AM has both Scavenger and Shield, making it an ideal tank in lower mana matches. Additionally, this is one card that really benefits from the new game mode which increases each monster's health pool to match one another.


These cards are all amazing, and though it will take some investment to get each to its highest tier, if you plan to have success in the Splinterlands evolving meta, one or all of these would aid you in that endeavor.

As always thank you for your time and attention. Have an amazing day and God bless.



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