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RE: The Tragic Story of plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #308

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谢谢 @threejay 小朋友!

我已经收到你的 50 DEC, 虽然不值 1 STEEM。但让我感谢你的,不是DEC的价值,而是你敢于在提到我的时候,至少敢用 @ !
《The Tragic Story of plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaway #308》

虽然我知道,你已经被我吓到语无伦次,虽然我也开始同情你,但仍然不足以让我停止对你的“downvote back”。

是的,我这个叫 “downvote back”,不叫“downvote”!因为是你先对我的“downvote”,才会有我对你的“downvote back”。这很公平!


yes it is fair but i never down vote people. maybe an old curation trail but that service dose not exist anymore. I cant change it and I dont know why you think I would down vote you. I don't know you Im happy you received you 50 DEC and you have a scene of humor.



我自然会停止对你的downvote back。

5倍赔偿的前提是,你是跟downvote trail的。如果在我downvote back你之前,存在任何一个你是主动 downvote我的,这个赔偿比例是20倍。


last chance uncle, I will let you off with a simple Im sorry. If not I run part two of your secret life before steem and everyone will know who you are.

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