Untamed Release + Fire Splinter Updated

in #splinterlands3 months ago

Untamed Fire Splinter Cards Now Available In Our Filter

Today is the day that the all new "untamed" edition cards were released for Splinterlands. We have started adding in the untamed cards to our filter and you can now view the fire splinter in our filter at https://splinterlands.steemitbuilder.com/monster-filter/. We will be adding in the remaining splinters over the coming week.

What Is The "Splinter Filter"?

It's a filterable table of all the monsters available in the Splinterlands game that you can sort by mana cost, damage type / amount, speed, health, abilities.... or a mixture of any. The possibilities for filtering are almost endless but I'm sure you get the point. You can look up for example: all monsters with "sneak" ability, or mix it up by multi filtering like "sneak melee". Go have a play and see what you can find at: https://splinterlands.steemitbuilder.com/monster-filter/.

Untamed Fire Splinter Blast OP!

Did you know the fire splinter has 5 monsters that can do blast damage, add in the gold and lightning dragon and hey presto you have 7 monsters doing blast damage!!! Enjoy blasting away all you fire players!!!

Untamed Water Splinter Coming Next!

We're adding in the untamed water splinter monsters next to our filter, followed by the other splinters in due course. Please check back soon and follow us on Steemit if you don't want to miss out on any updates.

Thanks for reading our post and we hope that our filter can help you pick some awesome kick-ass teams!!!