SplinterLands | Season Rewards - The new Legendary card!

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This was an interesting season. The new cards are circulating, beta cards ran off, untamed is on presale; a lot is going on in the mage. It wasn't my best season. I made it till Silver III. On the previous one I got three out of the four new cards, and this time I got the last one!

fallen spectre.JPG

As the other ones, this Fallen Spectre is quite peculiar. I'm not a fan of the death splinter, but this card has interesting features. It can lower ranged and meele attack. it flies and has top speed, plus it can blind? it is completely built for strategy. Another flying monster for that "Earthquake" rule comes in handy as well.

Have you used this guy? How?
share your strategies in the comments so newbies like me can learn a bit.

Screenshots taken from the game

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