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some weeks ago i started a series of posts where i display my thoughts about MUST-HAVE cards in Splinterlands
i need to clarify that this is totally my opinion and does not mean that it is the right one
i'm addressing especially new-comers who have no idea what to do or how to walk around the game
in my discord i'm getting complaints from time to time about this labyrinth of cards and that it is very difficult for a new player to get familiar to the game
so let's try go through my personal view of what is important to possess if you wanna consider yourself a decent player


in my previous post which you can find here i talked about the importance of the CREEPING OOZE
as i can see when i made the post that card was trading for 0.95$ it is trading for 1.85$ (by the time writing this post) so guys i think that some users out there saw the value of this card
these posts though is not about investing money in Splinterlands but only about the value of a card in the gameplay

so let me get to the point which is the next MUST-HAVE card in Splinterlands imo
and that would be the FURIOUS CHICKEN
do not underestimate the true power of this 0 mana Neutral card
if you think it is a useless chicken-card you are very much mistaken
this card is very important and you will need it in battling, i totally recommend to buy this from the market if you have serious intentions about the game

of course it is not cheap any more, it is trading right now for 5.89$ but you see it worth every single cent
i would say that it is wiser to invest this money in buying this card alone instead of buying a Splinterland's Chaos Legion Pack and just wish to be lucky enough to hit a good card
as a new user most probably you are not willing to throw this kind of money in the game , or maybe you cannot afford to pay almost 6$ for a single card but according to my point of view you have to make your plans in order some time in the future to get your hands to the Chicken

it is a Neutral Rare card which means you can use it no matter what Splinter you choose to play with
this adds to its utility a lot
i hope you see the connection to the CREEPING OOZE! we are talking about 2 Neutral cards plus both of them are REWARD cards which means that you didn't have to buy packs in order to get them , you could won them on daily quests
this is another thing that i really like on Splinterlands
you will see on the following posts that many high utility cards are been given to the community through daily rewards so that everybody has a chance to get handy and very useful cards

there are so many battling tactics out there where the Chicken is actually the detail which gives the victory
you can use it as support, you can use it as 'tank' ,you can use it as decoy
this card has so many different uses and this is the reason i number this card among the MUST-HAVE assets in a Splinterlands account

of course as i said in my previous post and i will repeat almost every time, is that on different leagues we have different utility of a card ,and different roles
every different league provides a whole new gameplay and the utility of a card can be changed dramatically
let me display the card's maximum level between the leagues


you can see that on GOLD and DIAMOND leagues the chicken becomes 'furious' through the enrage ability
for all of those wondering how can this ability be triggered by the time the chicken has only 1 point of life ,let me remind you that there are certain rules during a battle that allow the maximum health of all monsters to be adjusted according to the life of the monster with the highest life-points
so in that case 'enrage' may be exceptionally useful!

why i believe this monster-card is a MUST-HAVE for a serious Splinterlands player is a number of reasons ( i have already mentioned some of them above)
the most important are the following

  • we are talking about a Neutral card. Neutral cards are very useful cause they can be used from any Splinter chosen.. so you keep a card in your collection with a great number of different use cases
  • 0 mana points, even if you run out of mana points this is not an obstacle to use the card
  • it is a multi-role can use this monster as a tank , as support or even as a decoy against your opponent
  • in low mana battles is real treasure cause it gives your team one more member without having to spend your precious mana-points... i have won many battles because of the advantage the Furious Chicken gave me
  • many times the first hit in the battle makes a huge difference in the final outcome, when the chicken absorbs this first hit might be crucial for your team's performance


all of these come from my battling experience, i have 21640 battles on my history profile which i consider not a small number so i'm not messing you around
if you are reading this post and you are really serious about Splinterlands go buy the Furious Chicken , you won't regret it
by the way let me mention that at some point of time if i remember correctly the Chicken reached 35$ per NFT so some of you might consider current price as a bargain

i don't want to be misunderstood, what i say is not a financial advice
DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH cause you are the only one responsible over your funds and how you invest them

if you find this post interesting please do give it a reblog cause there are many newbies out there who need help on how to build their decks
Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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