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it's been quite some time now i wanna start writing about which type of cards you should hold in your deck, which cards are a MUST-have if you wanna consider yourself a serious player ( serious about the game meaning)
of course this cannot be covered in just one post ,we will need a series of posts about the essential, most powerful monster-cards out there


i have to admit though that there is a small trick in all of that
Splinterlands is a game so well designed that we have to deal with a controversial situation as we play through the different leagues
what is this?
well the use of the cards through leagues is totally different
this means that a MUST have card in BRONZE league might be of lesser value in SILVER league..
so the first thing a player must clarify in his mind is that the game differs between the leagues
BRONZE league is very much different to GOLD league, GOLD league is very much different to SILVER league etc etc etc
do you know that even when i play in NOVICE league , i find it difficult to compete with NOVICE players?
yes it is true...i play most of the times in GOLD league and i'm used to this level of monster-cards so when i'm trying to play a game in NOVICE league ,in which the skills of the cards are different i'm experiencing major difficulties

you should NEVER forget that Splinterlands has a lot of development ahead
i believe we have seen nothing till now , so from my perspective a NOVICE league player doesn't mean that is a lower category player considering skills
yes of course he is a lower category player considering the money he invested but this has nothing to do with skills


having said the above i hope to avoid misunderstandings through the community about the cards i'm going to discuss in my posts
everything is MY PERSONAL view of things and doesn't mean it is correct or undisputed
after this long prologue lets start with the first card i consider a MUST have for all players
this is a MUST have in every league and for any budget player
it makes no difference if you play in NOVICE or in CHAMPIONS league you NEED this card, period!

i'm talking about the CREEPING OOZE
most probably many of you may wondering right now what i'm talking about but believe me guys
this monster-card is a treasure
it is a Reward card and back in the day, you could win this card through daily quests..
Splinterlands Devs were so cunning , designing such a card nobody could see the future value of it
this card was in the market those days for 1 cent...can you believe it?...1 cent for the OOZE, nobody of us was paying attention to this 'silly' card
fool of all of us!
today it is trading for about 0.95 $ which means if someone was wise enough to put 100$ in CREEPING OOZE 4 years ago, today he could get 9500$ for his cards

anyway lets forget the price level and let me try explain you why this card is a MUST

  • first of all, the card is Neutral which means you can use it with every single Splinter out there
    all Neutrals are important cause they are not limited to one Splinter, so you have multiple circumstances where you can use them
  • the MANA cost of the card is just 1, which means it is a very easy to use card as it does not require much of your precious MANA to be spend
  • its major utility though is the SLOW ability which possesses from lvl 1
    this is what makes the card unique and one of a kind of course in conjunction with all the other characteristics
    in Splinterlands battling the speed factor is of major value
    the one who attacks first ,has the lead
    the OOZE by reducing the speed of your rival by 1 unit gives your team a head start which can give you the victory

i have to mention though that it is more useful in low leagues such as bronze and silver cause as we go up in leagues and the cards get upgraded you get the SLOW ability in many cards but it still remains a very useful monster-card

below i'm presenting you the card's upgrades through the different leagues from novice to champions


CREEPING OOZE is a powerful weapon
if you consider yourself a decent Splinterlands player this is a card you must hold in your deck
upgrade the OOZE or not it's totally up to you but you need to get at least a lvl 1 card


i really hope these posts to be read from newbies
an experienced player already knows what i'm talking about but a new player , who has no idea how to play or walk around Splinterlands may find these posts very useful
the OOZE will be established as an all-time classic monster-card trust me on this
it should not be missing from your collection!

i could speak about this card and its importance for hours but my main issue is to spotlight the OOZE and leave the rest to you
you can buy the card or even rent it from the market , the outcome is the same
just make sure when you go battling to keep this one in your 'quiver'

there are going to be more posts about - MUST have cards - so stay with me and if you think this could be of any use for newcomers make sure to re-blog !!

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing



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