Splinterlands - Skills VS Money - A Never-Ending Controversial Issue

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i have so many times witnessed debates about what is better in Splinterlands game ,to invest in SKILLS or to invest more Money but still i have NOT got a clear answer
i think though that Skills and Money invested, go together as in case you have Skills then Money will undoubtedly boost your gameplay against your opponents and lead you closer to the top and on the other hand if you have the Money you certainly need Skills in order to face your opponents and fight in a decent way which will lead you to the top

please mark that i don't mention anywhere, anything about getting more money in return or becoming rich out of the game as to my point of view it is a different thing to play the game for fun and a different thing to be involved with the game to make money
this post today has nothing to do with getting or how to get more money out of the game
this post has to do with how to get more excitement and satisfaction just by playing the game

having said that let me return to the main subject of this post, Skills VS Money Invested
let's face it guys, most of us believe that when 'money talks' everything else around must stay quiet and most times this is true.. but not always
below i'm gonna give you an example of what i say in order to rightfully defend my words but i do admit that this is not happening all the time and Money makes a different when used correctly

click the link to watch the battle


if you wanna watch the battle you can click the link above, as you can see i used as a Summoner my lvl 1 Jacek and i had to face a lvl 4 Vera Salacia
if you compare these two cards money wise you will see that Jacek costs about $24.6 while lvl 4 Vera most probably around $40 ..
just from the Summoners used you can understand that my opponent paid much more than me in order to participate in this battle

lets try now to compare the teams
how much my team cost me against my rival's team
a lvl 1 Scorch Fiend $4.49 , a lvl 2 GF Furious Chicken $112 , and lvl 1 Forgotten One $2.00
so my team costs $118.49 in total

lets see my opponent's deck
a lvl 4 Cocatrice is about $15.12 , a lvl 4 Kelp $58.5 , a lvl 3 Furious Chicken $112 , a lvl 4 Venari Wavesmith $0.57 , and a lvl4 GF Pirate Captain beta edition $18
if you do the math you will get a total of $204.19


the numbers never lie
my opponent paid almost double the money i paid and what did he get??
he got a total defeat
so in this specific case we can say that Skills defeated Money big big time
let me say that the cost of the cards is market prices by the time writing this post

it doesn't mean of course that upgrading your cards is in vain but putting money in the game doesn't mean you will win on the battlefield for sure
SKILLS is very important when battling and every time i win a stronger opponent i celebrate
i don't want to be misunderstood, i will repeat that upgrading your deck is valuable and does matters in order to move forward but you will need more than money to get yourself to the first place!

by closing this post i just want to advice new users that they must wait before putting more money in the game in order to upgrade their decks
they must first understand that Splinterlands is a game , and as a game they must decide if they want to play with better 'tools'
don't get the wrong impression ,that if you invest more money, you will make more money
make no mistake Splinterlands is a game , an awesome game and as a game it must eventually be judged

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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