SplinterFest - Are you Ready??

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Splinterfest is on its way
the dates are final and locked for 8 and 9 of October and fever around the Splinterlands community has started climbing high as more and more users every day start talking about Splinterfest!


of course the first thing you have to do in case you are interested in attending this event is to contact your local US embassy to see what is needed for a VISA as it is taking place in Las Vegas USA
i'm talking about all of us who are non-US citizens !
yeah i know it is a bit of a headache but what can you do...that's the procedure and you cannot overcome it
by the way i really have no idea what it is going on with this covid-stupidity so this is something you have to make clear before you choose to book your tickets

if you pass these 2 obstacles, VISA and Covid pass , i believe everything else is easy to handle as it comes to money
how much money you are willing and can afford to spend for accommodation , food etc etc etc

personally and in case i'm flying to Vegas i wanna spend more than 2 days in the Gambling Paradise
..i mean how many times in your life are you gonna visit Las Vegas??
SplinterFest is a great opportunity to get there so i think it is worth to stay a bit more in order to walk around the place!!


for Europe travelers ,tickets prices vary from under 600 euros to something more than 1000 euros depending how many days you wanna stay , which company you use to fly and the place you are flying from
its not small money i do agree, but for all of you using airports you know that the price is more or less sensible for a voyage like this

the expenses don't stop here ...you have to add accommodation in Vegas which is not cheap as well
the Event is taking place in the Luxor hotel ,you can have a quick look here https://luxor.mgmresorts.com/
if you choose to stay in this hotel you can understand it is not one of the cheapest solutions
thank god there are many places to stay around Luxor much more convenient to your wallets
from my research i have found places where you can stay for as low as 100$ per night ,and if you travel with someone else this number can get even lower maybe 50-60 USD per night


anyway i hope i gave you an idea about the money you need for SplinterFest
as i said above it is not a cheap air travel but not a too expensive either

don't forget you are visiting Las Vegas ,so it can be a lifetime travel!
i really wanna go there, i believe this is a great chance to get to know all of the great guys behind Splinterlands ,get connected as community and definitely have tons of fun!!!

hope to see you there!!!

Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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