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i just looked back to see when it was my last post in this weekly challenge and to my regret i realized that 9 months have past since my last entrance
how the hell 9 months past so quick i have no idea
anyway i think Regal Peryton gave me the chance i was looking for to start writing again
not that i use the card a lot but when i do , i get the win 9 times out of 10
i think i must use this monster more often and i should not neglect it so much

Regal Peryton.jpg

let me spend some lines irrelevant to the battle but 'unfortunately' relevant to this NFT
first of all it is a new monster card
it belongs to the Chaos Legion series which we all loved but when it comes to the Peryton i believe the art was not as expected for a Chaos Legion Monster
i believe the art is very poor, not so many details on the monster plus the colors, in my opinion always, are very bad selection
another thing i wanna mention , i hope someone will read it eventually, is the 'cropped' picture of the monsters in Chaos Legion series
come on guys , give us the whole pictures of the monsters , is that so much i ask??
this new trend to display the monsters cropped is a bit ugly... let us admire your creations in full picture
for this specific Regal its legs look like? Nobody ever saw its legs, isn't that unfair??

now to the monster itself
as i said it is a Chaos Legion monster , it belongs to the Earth Splinter and it is a rare monster
according to me its major advantage is that it can fly and it has an agility of 5 points which is high enough
these two factors combined together gives the monster a very high chance to avoid its rival's range or melee attack
in case you are willing to pay ( considerably a lot ) in order to upgrade it to lvl 8 , you will get an attack power of 3 magic points and an agility of 7 points!!!
yes it evolves to a massive weapon! , it is true
lets have a look at the stats of the card in every level of it



you can click on the following link to see my battle where i used my Feral Spirit
.. Regal Peryton's battle ..


the battle itself was not something extraordinary or something very difficult
my opponent was at the same level as me so the battle was equal in power considering the level of the cards
i had better placed my cards on the terrain, i also believe i picked better cards than my rival so the outcome was anticipated
the funny part was that we both of us decided to play with Earth Splinter plus we picked as Summoner the Obsidian and we got Regal Peryton on our teams
everything else was different though and judging from the outcome 'my way' was better than my opponent's
i have to admit that my rival was not so strong in cards (any experienced player could tell this) and he literally did the best he could do, he picked his best cards but could not beat my combination
so i do congratulate him for his effort
i really don't enjoy a battle so much when i am the strong one on the terrain
if you ask me i prefer to fight against stronger opponents and test my skills there

it was a 36 mana cap battle which gave me the opportunity to use some high mana monsters like Kron the undying
its rules were 'healed out' and 'target practice' which means there was no healing in the game plus every range and magic attack monster was getting the snipe ability
we could only choose between 2 Splinters....Earth and Life
i went Earth and the scenario was as follows


Obsidian looked the best of the Earth Summoners for this battle
its ability, giving all magic attack monsters plus 1 point of damage is very crucial
what Arlic does in Water Splinter , Obsidian does it for the Earth Splinter
when she was introduced i was very happy to get such a Summoner cause Earth Splinter has many strong magic attack cards which gain extra power with a leader like that


my whole team was based on magic attack
36 mana points were pretty enough for me to get the monsters i wanted
in first place Kron the undying was an undisputable choice even though his healing abilities were muted
Kron is a great tank and his magic power is massive no matter what
in second place i picked Spirit Shaman .. not a great choice i know but his shield ability could absorb a hit ( don't forget the rules of the battle gave everyone the snipe ability) and actually i thought that would be enough to win the advantage
in third place i put the Perygon
just after the Shaman, the Perygon could support its team by its agility, if i could just avoid one rival's attack against the Perygon i believed it would be more than enough to strengthen my team towards victory
Magi of the Forest in fourth place with its 2 extra valuable magic attack points and in the last 2 places i risked to recruit 2 support monsters ,extremely important in my opinion
Mushroom Sheer in the fifth place which reduces opponent's magic attack and in the last place Wood Nymph
this was a mistake cause i forgot that the healing ability was muted ,very big mistake which didn't cost me eventually but in another battle this could be fatal
i say i risked cause i could not guess whether my rival would go with a sneak assassin or not
i was lucky again of course to see my opponent not using not even a single assassin so my support monsters were safe

always keep attention to the rules of the battle
many times i have failed to read the rules and i suffered losses because of that
especially when you play a tournament this can be very annoying cause you don't have a second chance , so be very careful with the rules

  • Kron the Undying lvl 1
  • Spirit Shaman lvl 1
  • Regal Peryton lvl 1
  • Magi of the Forest lvl 1
  • Mushroom Sheer lvl 1
  • Wood Nymph (Gold Foil) lvl 3

spirit shaman130.jpg | Peryton130.jpg | magiof the forest130.jpg | mushroom130.jpg | woodnymph goldfoil130.jpg

kron 130.jpg


the fight was an easy one
from round 1 the winner was obvious, the unstoppable power of Kron was crucial for the final result
my opponent tried his best but he had no luck against my deck
i have to say that the Mushroom Sheer's Silence ability was the key to the battle as it hit the major advantage of my opponent , the +1 point of damage that his Obsidian was giving to her team
so even if my rival had a chance against me, this chance dropped to zero after using my Seer
anyway nice battle , relaxing for me i won 0.352 SPS ( yeah i know, it is very low but i care not about the rewards, i'm here for the fight) plus 19633 RP points


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