Splinterlands for Younglings !!

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let me start saying this
our kids are far more intelligent than us in ways we would never think of


Splinterlands is a game everybody can play, there is no age limitation but i could never believe that a 3 years old child can understand what's going on and try to play
i'm not trying to exaggerate here being overdramatic but guys i was really surprised when i had to face the incident i'm going to describe in the following lines


by the time my 3 and a half years old daughter started speaking her first words she was always watching me playing the game
she was asking me what is this daddy and she was getting the answer it's a game you're gonna play when you grow up
as i was, and i still am, teaching her many different things about life , i was trying some times to teach her Splinterlands ,the names of some monster-cards like Mimosa ,Rexxie etc.
i was explaining her what a Summoner -leader is...how to play the monsters , the value of Creeping Ooze and many other things most of you out there ,including me, may found kinda stupid as who can believe that a 3 years old youngling can actually understand what this is all about but anyway , no matter what i did


from time to time while she was watching me playing she would come near me trying to impress me advising me ' daddy you should get the Mimosa otherwise you're gonna lose ' in her own sweet way of saying things, in her own sweet words
i'm sure all of you have kids understand how stupid you can turn when your kid interacts in any way with you and i'm no exception
but things got serious
and when i say serious let me explain you what i experienced

i was working on my laptop when the little one yelled at me..'' daddy don't bother me , i'm battling now''
of course i didn't pay any attention...she was sitting in front of my wife's PC..
but she hit me again..'' daddy i said ,i'm battling don't bother me''
so i thought ..' wtf is this bite-size talking about?..can it be possible?...how does she know how to login the game, how does she know what button she must click in order to go battling? ''
my curiosity grew bigger when i noticed that she was obviously on something on the PC so i got up and walked closer to see what is going on..

well yeah..i'm so fcking stupid...yes i am
what i witnessed was hilarious....
my baby girl had opened Splinterlands website and she was on the battle area , she had already picked her summoner and she was trying to pick her monsters to play
i'm not kidding ...she did all of this by herself
so now i'm standing in front of her , with a stupid-ass face trying to understand what has just happened
the account was already logged in my wife's details as i registered her one years ago..
the first thing i did was to ask her politely , without any attitude at all, cause i was the stupid one there, how on earth she managed to open the page...the answer i got made me feel even more idiot.. ''i hit the splinterlands icon on the screen menu daddy'' ..i replied ''but of course what else!''
i asked her to explain me every single step she took in order to go to the create your team section
and believe me she explained every single step in detail
how she knew all this different steps??... I HAVE NO FCKING CLUE.... i never taught her the procedure to go battling but most probably she was carefully watching what i was doing time after time so she learned for herself
of course she couldn't understand the MANA limitation ( wtf i'm talking about now, of course she does not understand it , she's 3 years old, or maybe she does ?? i'm really confused guys ) so i had to tell her that when this number goes red on her screen she has to cancel a monster otherwise she will not be able to play and this little human being, hit the battle button by herself and then the rumble button in order to start the battle

from that day and on i tried step by step to make her familiar with some game mechanics and my little treasure keeps on surprising me as she seems to understand better than many others the game
by the way some time ago i registered her an account in order to use it in the years to come...
the account falls under BRELOKAKI so now she could use her own account to battle
but you see this account has the Starters Cards and nothing else so
the other day she comes to me and says ''dad you must send me the turtle with the spikes otherwise i'm not gonna win with the blue team''
she was meaning the Spineback Turtle of course, i once told her that it is a very nice card to use in first place and obviously she kept this tip !


let me share one more funny moment with you
as she was trying to pick her monsters and get her team ready she didn't realize that the time was running out, so as the time was reaching zero this specific creepy music went on and i see this little devil throw the mouse off her hand and run away from the PC
so i'm asking her ''what's the problem sweetheart'' and she replies '' daddie i got scared by the music, so i run away from it''

adorable moments guys but the bottom line is that if a 3 year old can play Splinterlands , we have no excuses saying Splinterlands is so complicated and difficult to play
by the way send some love to @brelokaki , most probably is one of the youngest members of Splinterlands community

and don't forget
Get on board by clicking this link it is never too late to start playing


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