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this is how you beat the unbeatable
yes i'm very proud and happy about this battle and this is the reason i decided to make a full post on this specific fight
Splinterlands is by far my best game to be involved in and believe me it's not about what i'm making as profit out of it
it is the game itself
many of you may argue this and might think 'come on funnel, forget about it' but believe me this is not the case
i do really enjoy the game ,and it gives me the excitement i'm looking for from a game like this
definitely i'm not happy with some certain factors of the gameplay as the really 'sick' miss chance on hits but nobody can be 100% satisfied, correct?

anyway complaining about Splinterlands has to be another post
in today's post i just like to share with you this battle battle

splinterlands battling 2.jpg

the Kitty is my deck ...Rathe is my opponent
let me tell you that i actually inspired from @marianaemilia about doing such a long post...i used to post my best battles through hivebuzz in short posts but i believe in a long post you can go through the strategy of a battle much more efficient...
the problem is in order to create a detailed post you need to spend time , and time is a luxury at this point of time
anyway lets go to the battle

if you follow me you should know till now that the most important thing in Splinterlands fighting is to KNOW YOUR OPPONENT
first you must try study your opponent and then go pick your team
i say that Skill is vital in Splinterlands and i think i prove this with my DIAMOND 3 , DIAMOND 2 leagues i finish every season with a BRONZE some times NOVICE deck
yes that is correct, if you are a new user i just hope this is much encouraging for you as you have to understand that you can climb high with SKILLS not only with power
you just have to pay attention and listen to the 'elderly' players

now lets see the strategy behind this battle
everything starts from Rathe...when i tried to spy on my opponent i saw he was picking Rathe at his late battles so there was a big possibility to go with him in our battle as well...
God....this Summoner maxed out , i knew i was in trouble...

for that reason i thought it was a good idea to go with the kitty...why?...because i would get +2 in speed plus heal the tank ability which i considered would give me an advantage at the match (in case i had a chance to win this against such a powerful opponent)
my deck was lvl can see this on the picture below...
what are the chances to bring down a maxed out Summoner along with his crew...
the chances are small BUT never forget the rules of the game

'explosive weaponry' is very tricky and i was ready to exploit this rule to the end

so lets summarize the STRATEGY (this is for newbies, i'm not trying to be the smart guy over experienced players here,please don't misjudge me )
SPEED in addition with BLUST plus HEAL the tank
this was my main idea and i built my team upon this


the mana cap was 99 points so i had no restriction on picking my monsters
i picked a huge tank the Robo-dragon which provide the void ability from lvl 1, so i was confident i had the power of resistance even on magic attacks and the kitty was there to heal every round
if i could survive 1st round i knew i had great chances to get the fight!!!

Carnage with double strike was a reliable weapon as well in second place and then i went opportunity with Dragon jumper and Lira the dark
guys Lira the dark!....what a great lady she is... a great lady and a great fighter as well
the reason why i placed her in the last position was her speed...i was counting that in case my opponent was going with sneak assassins to have a chance to avoid some of their attacks by missing!!
i also got 2 sneak assassins , the lethal Sha-Vi and the powerful Sandworm
believe me, important have to get these cards guys...both of them are important cards to build your deck...

when the battle field was revealed i was really intimidated
a lvl 3 Jared Scar!!...a maxed out Hydra and Almo...a lvl 2 Adelade
come on poor funnel, where do you think you're going with your lvl 1 deck?
but you see the structure of my opponent's team was not correct...powerful monsters, wrong in a second look i thought lets see maybe i have a chance...
i managed to go through round 1 with my tank alive...32 different moves in round was a huge round...


when round 2 begun i was much more confident that i was going to give my opponent a great lesson of strategy
you don't need only the money to put in the game in order to create a powerful deck
you need to put LOVE as well and try to learn its mechanics

very nice game guys... SKILLS vs POWER ...winner SKILLS
spend some seconds to watch the battle will enjoy it!

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