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here i am with one more post, demonstrating a perfect battle strategy -according to my opinion of course-
the battle i'm about to display was again a battle in which i was way to weak against my opponent comparing the level of our decks

splinterlands battling 2.jpg

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one more time i want to indicate and underline that as a user of Splinterlands i consider myself a gamer
i don't play the game because i want to make money and i don't see the game as a financial instrument
i love battling and i entertain myself through the process
i will always say this ,even if you getting bored listening to the same thing over and over again cause there is a reason why!!

this specific reason is to be heard from the community and from the high ranking members of Splinterlands team
guys please, give SKILLS a chance
it is such a beautiful game and it is developing day by day to even better
i know you believe in the power of the community
please give SKILLS a chance so that a player can compete using his skills not only his money
i'm asking you this and i wanna be a little bit more specific on the 'MISS' chance while battling
out of my experience - while battling - i see that a low level monster 'misses' its attack against a higher level monster even when its speed is higher than the rival's speed very very ! frequently !
for me this is a common thing ( as i most of the times play with stronger opponents) and to be frankly pretty ugly cause i suffer a loss not because i played wrong my monsters but because of continuously 'miss' attacks of my low level monsters against my opponent's higher level monsters
and when i say continuously i mean 10 miss attacks from my side against 2 miss attacks from my opponent's side
this statistic gives me a clue
the clue that it gives me is that SKILLS is a bit neglected towards investing money

obviously , it makes sense to boost an upgraded card but please make it a bit more fair for lower level cards
give SKILLS a chance , that's only what i very kindly ask you to fix

so that's enough with burbling let's get to the point of this post which is the battle
spend some time to watch this beautiful fight


to be frankly with you when both teams were revealed on the field i thought it was a pointless effort from my side
i didn't think i had a chance against a lvl 3 Quix the Devious , a lvl 3 Desert Dragon and a lvl 4 Grund
but when i was getting my team together i tried a strategy i have spoken about again in older posts of mine
in pre-battle stage while i was checking out my opponent i got an understanding about how he builds his team (he obviously preferred melee attack )
i just hoped that he would go with melee attack monsters in our battle as well
so i figured out that my only chance to win such a stronger opponent was FIRST to be faster than him and attack first and SECONDLY to occur some extra damage on his team while he is the one attacking
the only way to achieve this combo ( always following that specific battle's rules) was to set Mylor as my summoner providing the THORNS ability to all my team-monsters and by recruiting Creeping Ooze and Brownie as support monsters (the Ooze reduces the opponent's speed by one , the Brownie gives an extra speed point to my whole team) so that i can guarantee to a certain point that i would be the fastest one
and i was indeed that fastest one on the battle field and my strategy against his melee attack monsters was successful again!
what a brilliant battle
what an awesome outcome
a lvl 1 Mylor against a lvl 3 Quix, and Mylor is the winner!!

but i should not brag too much about it
i must admit that 'HOLY PROTECTION' one of the battle's rule ,acted on my favor and most probably without Holy Protection the outcome could have been different
i must also give compliments to my Rexxie for his contribution to the final outcome and Swamp Thing for taking the bullet from the cunning Dhampir Infiltrator

i urge you to watch the battle , you will enjoy it and maybe you can get some ideas about effective battling
i won 12.673 reward points plus 0.619 SPS (not bad at all)
i also wanna hear your thoughts on the comments section and of course if you have any questions feel free to hit me

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The more you learn the more places you’ll go! . 🙏🏽🕯🤸🏽‍♂️🎊

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