Splinterlands daily quest rewards 05.05.21 - Silver III, Sneak

in #splinterlands2 months ago

The first days of the new season did not please the rewards, and today particularly did not count on anything, but finished the daily quest with Sneak monsters received a very nice reward:

The Untamed Booster Pack included two gold cards, GIANT SCORPION and HORNY TOAD. Both of these cards are good in low mana battles, and the scorpion was sometimes (very unexpectedly) helpful in the first positions.

Encouraged by this success I decided to buy one more pack and with good reason too - AZMARE HARPOONIST is quite a cool archer, which I often use in Earthquake battles and it's worth pumping my card :)

Since this week is a lot of weekends and free time, in the next couple of hours, I'll try to get out to the Golden League and once again try to finish the season in Diamond III.

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