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Hi friends, it's finally time for another week of Share Youre Battle Challenge and happy to show my last battle with Fire Spitter!


I admit that I rarely play Dargons - quite expensive monsters, as a rule you need to fight with a lot of mana, but it's worth saying - Fire Spitter is very good by the ratio of the cost of the call, attack, speed and amount of life. This is especially true for battles with EARTHQUAKE, where the ability to fly is critical.

screenshot (17).jpeg

So, what's the balance of power - I put Flesh Golem first, which was supposed to restore health and "take the hit". Second was Fire Spitter, to enhance the attack, followed by Wood Nymp, to heal the "tank", and then Screeching Vulture, which should attack the enemy's rear and weak monsters.

screenshot (15).jpeg

It was a little intimidating to see that the enemy has a pretty high level of cards and a couple of them are great at restoring health, but the "distributed" attack and "Explosive Weaponry" did their job.

Watch this fight on splinterlands or 3speak:

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