Yuuuge Splinterlands account up for sale $69,420

in #splinterlands7 months ago (edited)

10,480 SMTT (Preferred shares in the actual company -- that in a few years could be worth more than the entire purchase price!!!)

All the cards on monster.cards and dreamryder007 accounts (If you bought all of the alpha and beta cards currently on the market you could not come close to getting these)

An un-opened $10,000 Kickstarter supporter pack!

1 Unique title and 1 Untamed Title

The monster-mountain account with a level 7 guild.

300 land plots.

3060 raffle tickets

12,480 Alchemy potions and 12,480 Legendary potions

un-opened Untamed packs

92 un-opened orbs

All remaining airdrops @6000 packs

I can be reached in the splinterlands discord



Didn't expect that you would sell them all.

Hey welcome back glory :) I am glad you made it back! It is a sweet package deal for (my guess) someone new to SL that wants a nice DEC printing press full of stuff you can no longer get + company ownership. Are you still big in steem?