Splinterlands extra DEC and Potion Experience

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I've been enjoying @steemmonsters for a while now. You can tell I'm addicted to earning DEC and spending it on magic potions or new cards at the market. I even think that we can earn more DEC with every win since the new cards have arrived. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to get atleast 75% more every time I defeat someone.
But what is the best way to spend my DEC?

This time I bought a mysterie potion hoping it would give some luck. Cost: 6000 DEC
Day one:
I got a reward card:
Worth a blistering $0.02 dollar

Fingers crossed for better cards the upcoming 4 days.

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Not a great start; i hope the next days go better for you.

You're posting about splinterlands but not using #SPT?

It is horrible! My next daybwas a single Goblin Mech. And yes I forgot. But I will make a post about all five days.

I like to use my DEC for the Legendary and Alchemy potions. I haven't tried the daily gift potions at all.

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