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When I see the Nectar Queen I imagine a giant killer bee, for me it is something quite scary because when I was a child I was attacked by bees causing me some painful stings and since then I have some phobia of these insects.

The nectar queen seems to be a decent card, I haven't tested it enough yet and I don't have much data about it to openly recommend it, but its numbers are quite high and that's a good thing.

Nectar Queen abilities

Obviously a bee has to fly, this skill fits very well in this monster with a very good speed which makes it quite elusive to physical attacks.
Available from level 6, a counterattack by the queen nectar can be lethal thanks to its great attacking power.
If a large amount of melee damage is not enough, you can also count on 2 points of poisoning damage each turn, this ability is unlocked at the maximum level.

Let's see the Nectar Queen in the next battle.

The line up

Lyanna Natura
She gives 1 more point of life to all the team and making the Nectar Queen have a great amount of life.
Nectar Queen
High numbers in life, speed and melee attack, an excellent card for the first position.
Screeching Vulture
Opportunity + Scavenger. I love that combination, this card will take care of hurting the enemy team and gets stronger as the battle progresses.
Increase the speed and melee attack of the team by only 1 mana cost? Yes, please.
Wood Nymph
More life for the team and for the Nectar Queen, I will be healing their wounds as the battle progresses.
Furious Chicken
Finally, we cover the rear with this zero mana cost card.

The Battle

The strategy work?

Those fourteen points of life that our Nectar Queen reached made her resist until the end of the battle, despite not avoiding many blows and eating a couple of times the thorns of the Crystal Werewolf. Of course, we had a plan B in which the Screeching Vulture would endure the attacks from the first position, fortunately this was not necessary.

Thanks for reading my post and don't hesitate to leave your comment. See you in the game.

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