Brutal force - Weekly battle challenge

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Hey Monster Maniacs, this week's challenge is to use one of the most unvalued cards from @splinterlands, even I underestimated it at the time but for some time now I have been using it with very good results. It is nothing more and nothing less than the Pit Ogre.

Many consider this one as a very slow character, and it certainly is, but as we improve his level and he acquires new skills he becomes a decent tank, I even like him more than his direct competitors Cerberus and the Serpentine Soldier. Let's see what are these abilities that make the Pit Ogre a playable card.

Stun allows us to make the monster hit by the Pit Ogre lose a turn, the problem with this skill in this character at low levels, is that being very slow it will miss most of the attacks and we won't be able to take advantage of the skill, but when we manage to sneak the stun it certainly gives a great advantage

Enrage, this skill is unlocked at level 4 and greatly improves our character by increasing his speed and attack when he is damaged. That speed boost that this skill gives our character is very important, sometimes speed is everything.

Void, this is another skill that greatly improves our Pit Ogre by turning it into a decent tank as it reduces the damage it receives from magical attacks. This ability is obtained at level 7.

Currently, I don't have a fire summoner with a level that allows me to use the Pit Ogre with its void ability, fortunately, I always have my Daria at the highest level for these cases, in this battle below you can see the Pit Ogre dealing 8 point damage to several unfortunate monsters.

The line up

  • In the first line the Pit Ogre as the main tank, this weighing is still a little slow, but there will be a couple of cards to help him improve that aspect

  • I tried to perform the combo with the Pit Ogre and the Ettin Spearman, another card that I think is also underrated, I would love to see that Knock Out skill in action, although it was my second pick, at the end he was in the third position.

  • This team needs speed? let's call the Flame Imp to take care of it, even though it was my third pick, I ended up putting it a little further back.

  • Since I had a couple of monsters with a lot of life I decided it would be a good idea to have a healer, so I joined the Beetle Queen in the team's ranks.

  • Then I set up the Naga Fire Wizard to guard the rear and do magic damage.

  • My last pick was the Highland Archer, to take advantage of the 3 mana points I had left to use. I ended up placing it in the second line to protect the other cards that I considered to have more important functions than the archer.

The strategy work?

The Pit Ogre is an unstoppable beast when it has Enrage active, in the first turn it knocked down the enemy Goblin Mech like a fly, it was such a lethal monster that it didn't give time to do the combo with the Ettin Spearman, I'm beginning to believe that the Pit Ogre has so much power that looking to do the combo with the Spearman is something unnecessary. The rest of the team also did their job and in the end the strategy worked perfectly.

What do you think about it? Leave me your comment. See you in the game.

The images used in this post belong to or are inspired by Splinterlands. a TCG game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.


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Hey, thanks a lot, buddy.

You're welcome! ;)

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I'm learning that at higher levels, this guy is a beast! That was quite the pounding. And the Goblin Mech was closely matched (a little lower in level).
I think I only have a few Ettin buddies and honestly haven't really used him ... maybe ever?😲


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Hehe thanks, those two are some of my secret weapons of mass destruction =).

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