Splinterlands weekly Challenge is a showcase for the new Scale Doctor

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This week's Splinterlands weekly Challenge is a showcase for the new Scale Doctor from the Dragon Splinter

scale doctor.png

The Scale Doctor is still fairly new to me, in fact, I bought him
specifically for this challenge. I would need to get him maxed out
before I could really prove his worth. The combination of triage and
repair would work well with Robo monster, and strengthen and rust really
help the entire team out especially in higher mana matches.

my scale.png



In this match, I focused on targeting the tank and left my backend
open. I was hoping I would be hitting lord A upfront with my Grenadiers
oppression, but loope oddly played his pally u[front. Weird lol.

I decided to go with Selenia summoner

Lord A

Earth Elemental

Creeping ooze


Scale Doctor


Kron the Undying.

Did my strategy work?

It worked ok but could have been much better with a maxed doctor. Might have even beat loope!!

Round 1 - I pounded away on loopes pally while he damaged my lord A.

Round 2 - I really should have chosen a healer, but because it was odds, I couldn't choose my khmer princess

Round 3 - I struggle to break down the pally and my lord A gets demolished


How important was The Scale Doctoer?

The scale doctor can really become an important card, and after
participating in this challenge, I will be buying a maxed doctor as part
of my dragon team.

Scale Doctor brings a lot of help for the entire team, and i think
the price will be going up soon to reflect his importance to the game.

I would highly recommend everyone at least check out The Scale Doctor and see what he can do to help you win some battles!