Splinterlands: 5 Untamed Packs = 2 LEGENDARY and 2 EPIC Cards

in #splinterlands3 years ago

Hello Friends,

It's not that everyday we purchase booster packs from Splinterlands or Steem-Engine.

But, when you purchase, you expect to have a legendary or atleast an epic monster card.

Today seems to be my luckiest day as I could get 2 Legendary and 2 Epic cards along with few Rare cards from just 5 Untamed Packs I purchased from Steem-Engine.

Let me give screenshots of the cards I received before going into further details.



What makes it even more sweeter is the fact that, all I have to spend is a little over $5 (approximately 27.5 Steem)

Legendary Monsters:

As you can see, it's that Dark Ha'on which stands out among all those cards with over $4 in price on market.


Any Death Splinter Legendary is always a special one for me since Death was my weekest not so long ago.

Second legendary is a life monster in High Priest Darius which cost approximately $1.5.


High Priest Darius allowed me to level up my 2 existing cards and now it gives me a slowdown along with the existing Resurrect.

Epic Monsters:

Epics include a Light Elemental and a Sporcerer.

This Light Elemental is my second card although I have to wait to get couple more cards for a level up.

Sporcerer is my first card and it's **Rust ability should help me when I go battling against someone having Life Splinter in the battle.


The cards also includes couple of Summoners in 2 Bortus and a Drake Of Arnak.

Both enabled me to take my cards to level 2 and these are still early days as for as my Untamed Summoners are concerned and I am much of a Beta Summoners user.

So, it's a Happy Ending with today's Untamed packs purchasing is concerned.

Until next one, do take care of yourself and your family members and Be Safe



Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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