SplinterMemes!!! - Make a Meme, Win a Prize!

It's time for a little compelled humor... AMUSE ME!

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Don't Know How to Make a Meme?

For me, it's pretty simple. I know with videos and animated GIFs things have gotten a little more complicated, but I'm old-school. A great meme can just be a stolen image with an original caption! Check it out...

Visit The Meme Generator and you'll realize quickly that you too can make ironic quips that make people chuckle on the inside.

It's pretty fun, and it gets the creativity muscles warmed up!


The Contest

Make a meme, win a prize. I know there are already a million memes out there, so the least you can do is give me some original Splinterlands text. Prizes will be entirely at my discretion and take the form of Splinterlands cards, but you should know, I woke up feeling rather generous today. If there are specific cards that you want or need, let me know under your meme submission in the comments and I'll do my best!

The Winner

Somebody is bound to make a meme that's better and funnier than everyone else's. This WINNER will receive a prize that is far greater than any cards. I'm even willing to part with one of my custom embroidered Splinterlands beanie hats if someone creates a meme worthy of such glory!

Here Are Some More Memes!






So Hit me With Some Memes!

Show Me Your Stuff!




This is definitely the front runner! :)
Carrie and I both LOL'd.

Although, if it makes you laugh out loud, then it may have left the realm of meme. Yep, that may be a joke you've got there.

A classic! :) Nice!

For me, it's Alpha that's jealous of Untamed lol!

got the card, thanks!

This is fun!

Lol, yep, a lot hinges on whether or not the Exploding Dwarf retaliates! I've almost got my Exploding Dwarf to level 9 :D
Thanks for stopping by!

Ohhh cool! My main focus now is to level summoners to level 6, luckily Malric is already there. So level 8 for now is enough... but would love to see trample in action as well!

Holy crap! I didn't even realize Exploding Dwarf gets Trample... Talk about OP! Level 9 here I come!

Oh yeah! Let me know if it triggers, would love to see the chaos! :))

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