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So... if you didn't know... I'm on the Splinterlands Team. Each week we are allowed to get one 100% upvote from the steemmonsters account (where we curate). I never post. I never have anything interesting to tell you. But this is dumb. I'm sure I can find something to write about, to update you on. So... let's do this!


Imma attempt to tell you some of the things I work on every day without boring you too much...

I created and work on the SPLINTERLORE website and update the Fan Fiction pages with the winners of the art contest each week.

Splinterlore is the offical site for all things Splinterlands.

splinterlore 600x400 3 1.png

I author and curate (now 100+/week) the two Challenge posts.

SHare YOUR BATTLE 24.png

I author the Trivia posts (alternating weeks).

Telegram contest 730.pngSL Trivia Challenge Friday.png

I worked on the Encyclopedia of the Splinterlands, now out to backers!

200 pages, baby!
I've also readied it for online consumption (once everyone gets their hard copy).

I help run Splinterlore (Twitter) and assist with other content for social media marketing.

Screenshot 746.png

I work with the Lore Master (my hubs @chrisroberts), backers, and the artists on new cards and designs.

I also create the invoices to make sure artists get paid.

Chris Card.png

Other things...

  • I've created images, banners, ads, videos and voice-overs.

  • I helped with the Kickstarters.

  • I help with mass emails to our backers and patrons.

  • I'm working with the Lore Master on upcoming works of fiction AND nonfiction.

  • I spend all my time on Splinterlands.

Hopefully, this post was worth the upvote and I won't get backlash.
Edit to add: The backlash I fear is from the people with the downvotes, not the team. The team knows I do the stuff and the things.



I'm on the SPLINTERLANDS team! Click the pic below to check out our special LORE site... for all things nerdy! Yay!


Need help formatting your posts? 👉ULITMATE MARKDOWN TUTORIAL

All images created by me, Bitmoji, are open-source by the Splinterlands/Steem Monster Team, or logos of projects I support.

For someone who is so boring, you sure get a lot done for the old splinterlands don't you?

LOL! I mean... I do stuff... but it's released all over the place, so when I sit down to do a post I'm at a complete loss. It's quite the conundrum actually. 🤣

Splinterlore is very interesting, thanks for the hard work you made for @splinterlands

Yonilkar! Thanks for being so awesome!

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