Get in on the SPS action with Splinterlands

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Staking SPS every 3 seconds for ~500% APR

WOW... just WOW


OK, so I'm not ACTUALLY staking my SPS every 3 seconds (but I COULD). I'm leaving nothing liquid, and selling nothing either!

HUGE resurgence in Splinterlands

With the launch of the SPS airdrop a few days ago and the SPS staking rewards yesterday... EVERYTHING Splinterlands has gone through the roof. DEC/SPT tokens & cards themselves are 10X -100X vs a month or so ago.

GET your SPS now - another ~51 weeks of airdrops await

  1. Sign Up for a free Splinterlands account
    You can play for free and check it out for yourself.
    Join Splinterlands for FREE

  2. Buy a spellbook for $10
    Gives you access to all the features such as earning rewards from battles and daily + season rewards.
    More NB: You get in on the the daily SPS airdrop

  3. Grow Daily
    SPS is available to claim with every block being produced... I was claiming mine every hour or so (I'll probably start claiming & staking) 3-4 times a day... but right now it's addictive watching your balance grow every hour ;-)

How to get more SPS


There are tons of ways to earn points, but the easiest is to simply play Splinterlands.

  • Earning DEC for every battle you win
  • Earning rewards (DEC & new cards) for every daily quest you complete (winning 5 games)
  • Earning rewards (DEC & new cards) every 2 weeks at the end of a season.

Another very easy way to rack up those airdrop points is using STEEM-ENGINE.

The DEC token is available to buy on STEEM-ENGINE.

Blog on Steemit every day, sell the STEEM from your blog posts for DEC, earn SPS every day. ... It's literally that easy.

You don't even need to move your DEC from STEEM-ENGINE to the game... you can leave it on the exchange and still earn the SPS airdrop points

What are you waiting for?

Join Splinterlands for FREE and get in on the hottest thing happening in #PlayToEarn right now!

Got any questions?

Connect with me on social and I'll help where I can
Discord: BraaiBoy#4913




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