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Splinterlands weekly challenge and this week theme is OPPORTUNITY

This time we are going not for a certain Monster, but for additional ability, which quite a few Monsters actually have now in almost all Splinters. Generally speaking I love those Monsters pretty much and try to use them often, though obviously they have pros and cons. Main advantage is for their Melee attack possibility from any position and hitting most weak Monster at opponents line. While from other side, they mostly very low speed and low life. But that maybe very good for "Up close and Personal", "Reverse Speed" and even "Equalizer" battle conditions. And they become even more dangerous together if "Inspire" applied too. Maybe at this point Earth deck may work in best way with low mana Melee cards, either Life... Obviously with low life they to be placed in the middle of line-up, protected by stronger cards and hoping not to have any Opportunist in opponents line-up :D

Yesterday had quite unsuccessful daily quest with too many stronger players faced. So finally dropped quite a lot of points even as happens during weekend. But still have couple battles won using "Opportunists" and one appeared to be pretty nice

FIGHT. Weak Magic + Close Range + 16 Mana


Here is final line-up using Water Splinter

  • FURIOUS CHICKEN. Not much good about this card, but ZERO mana and good to cover front or back line
  • BROWNIE. Low mana Epic. Fast and makes everybody even Faster :) Plus Inspire ability very useful when all Melee monsters in line-up
  • SCREECHING VULTURE. Higher Speed Opportunist. Flying and Opportunity. All in one very strong card
  • GOBLIN THIEF. High speed and decent Melee attack. Sneak ability helps a lot in many cases, while Shatter still maybe useful
  • GOBLIN SORCERER. Low mana Monster with Magic attack hitting last line with Sneak ability. Goodie

Pretty low mana fight and quite nice for Earth monsters counting those lower Mana cards combined. Using Brownie gives major advantage in this case and Drake of Arnak dragon summoner gives additional armor protection just perfect against Melee or Range attacks. Opponent chosen also Earth deck on basis of two major Healers with same Screeching Vulture in between. Stronger cards but finally TWO! misses in my favor brought the Victory. Some battle are just too much unexpected

Hope you have enjoyed!


I love to play Splintlands gaming, it might be interesting but I don't know where to start. I am interested following you for more stuff of Splinterland. I was @nextcolony gaming and now that is no more existing my next gaming is #splinterland. Thanks for this updates.

Somehow I do not regret NextColony gone, was taking too much time with very slow and not really dynamic game play. So let it rest in peace )

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