Splinterlands Untamed Kickstarter | With the potion stretch goals I couldn't resist.. pledged!


I actually decided not to join the Kickstarter at first

Because of all the physical items that I'm personally not interested in, especially not because of the shipping costs. But then they introduced the digital only pledge option which got me thinking.. When I noticed that there was this cool extra bonus of potions going on when reaching certain stretch goals, I decided I had to join in. How can I not?
First I was actually trying to buy a pack here and there, and when they would be released open them. Potions are not included there at all, so why not go for the kickstarter digital only to make sure the pledge counts towards the stretch goal?

I love potions, but don't always have them active because of the costs.. It would actually suck if everyone else is opening Untamed packs with potions, and I get stuck with the boring stuff because I don't have them. Maybe I will pledge some more before the kickstarter ends, because I sure love airdrops as well.. haha..

Did you already pledge? If not, are you going to? Leave a comment ...



I’ve pledged only $85 so far but I’ll probably increase that a lot before it’s over.

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Yes, I think I will pledge more as well.. still time, so not rushing :) lol

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