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I thought it was time for another rental update

Currently I'm renting only a few summoners myself, and trying to manage my account with the cards I have. All the cards that were stronger than my summoners could handle have been moved to this account and put up for lease. Until a while ago, before beta packs ran out that is, promo and reward cards were by far the most rented cards in my collection. But as you can see in the image above, currently more beta cards have been rented out compared to rewards or promo cards. We've all seen the beta prices rise and the lease market is probably doing well when it comes to beta cards.

Currently 13 cards have been rented out of the 20 I have put up for lease, and today it means that I earn a passive income of $ 0.61 daily. Of course this can go up and down whenever a lease ends and when a new lease gets added to the list. I haven't been very actively checking my spare cards lately, and this is also a reminder that I should do so, because I probably have some nice cards to add to my rental list again.

Impatiently waiting for the Untamed collection

I've seen some of the card designs in the posts as a preview, and I have to admit, they look absolutely stunning. I'm very curious to see the full collection, and I'm also very curious to see if I have more luck opening Untamed packs than Beta packs. I sure hope I do! I'm probably going to buy some more via Kickstarter before the campaign ends. Did you already pledge?

Today my rewards look like this:


Seriously every opening was boring today, the biggest rush came from opening a beetle queen just now in my level 1 account.. I'm waiting for that one gold foil legendary to appear again.. This season I haven't spent that much time playing my level 1 accounts for a few reasons, one of them was enjoying family time this week. And we had so much fun doing nice things enjoying the great weather. My boyfriend couldn't have picked a better week for his days off, because as soon as he will go back to work on Monday, the sun will disappear and the temperature will go down quickly. So next week I will be having more time to play the small accounts, until then it's me in the battlefield for limited times a day.

Have a lovely weekend!



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Oh wow! Thanks so much, that's a sweet vote!

nice post. and a great idear to have a account dedicated for rental.

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Thanks, yes I never regret it to be honest :)

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