Let's have a look at my season rewards.. were they any good this time?


The best pull was the golden chicken!

And as you can see these were the season rewards from one of my level 1 accounts that I decided to keep playing the whole season. My aim was to get the 5 rewards at the end of season only, but some of them I kept playing a bit longer when the quest was easy (aka life lol). I'm so glad I did, because otherwise I wouldn't have opened this golden chicken.


Another level 1 account also found a golden prismatic energy. Needless to say that these level 1 accounts don't have any active potions, because I didn't even plan on playing them longer than a few days. As you can see it's definitely worth playing them.

My main account had the only legendary I have opened this season

Another unicorn appeared in my own account this time, just like the previous season. I'm hoping for the ruler of the fallen specter, but the unicorn keeps finding me for some reason. Maybe it's because I start to like the life team more and more?


These were my season highlights of last season, may there be much more golden legends in there this season :)



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