Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge on Splinterlands || Serpentine Spy

Hi Monsters!

My post is a little bit late because I don't have Serpentine Spy. Checking this card, I got interested in it because of its ability and had to buy in the market


I love Opportunity Ability in any card because it can attract from any position and I use it in place of a range attack monster even though it's a melee attack monster. I use it mostly in a battle where rules says No Range Attack.

About The Battle

I was able to use SERPENTINE SPY because I got a Fire Splinter Quest.

I am very used to using high mana cost cards but in this battle, it was a Little League Battle
Where only Monsters and Summoners with 4 Mana and less can be used.

This gave me the opportunity to use the Serpentine Spy as I have been trying to use in the past 3 days.

The Battle Line Up


I have 3 Melee Attack Monsters including Serpentine Spy as the third on the role, the first was a monster with healing ability and another with reach ability. I have Beetle Queen and a Neutral epic monster as Magic for the battle one Neutral Range Attack Monster.

Even with my SERPENTINE SPY at level 1. It worked very fine for the battle and I won.

I guess this challenge has made me realise a new card. I will upgrade my Serpentine Spy and use constantly in battle.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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