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RE: A Glimpse Into the Next Splinterlands Expansion

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I have to say, it's quite amazing what you guys are doing considering how you started on Steem and compared to GU and the size of their investments and hype. I don't say this easily cause I hold a lot of cards on GU and traded most of my SL cards for Steem but either you guys are really good at this or it goes to show the advantage people get when building on Steem with the community connected to it in so many ways or both.

Anyway, great job.


I agree I always knew this would grow into something amazing, and that’s why I am hodling Splinterlands cards for the long haul!!

Remember me when you're earning more from leasing SL cards than I am from curation. :') xD

i will remember you acidyo. I finally decided to play splinterlands due to your promotion of GU lol.

Bought a heap of GU cards after reading your blogs. Found the game didn't suit me, so decided to give splinterlands a'real' go. Now have son involved with a younger daughter wanting in also :)

That’s really cool! My 9 year old daughter has her own account and has been playing since December 2018.


hodl those gu cards just in case though, i will too, mainly cause i can't dump them atm lol

I'll never forget the OGs 🤘

The difference is passion. Aggroed and Matt are passionate about SL, they created it and they are intimately involved in everything. The GU team are just hired devs that are clocking in and working a job. That's the main difference I've noticed from being in both discord servers. I still like both games, but this was one of the 1st things that struck me when I joined the GU community.

Yup. It's the combination of passion, creativity, ability to find good talent and manage that talent. The fundamentals here are extremely bullish. In fact, I started a methodical power-down of Steem, triggered by the partnership of Steemit with Tron, because I've been evaluating the Tron dApps, and it's just all gambling, primarily. So my first power-down payout this past week was 192 Steem. I originally intended to hold the 192 in Steem in my Steemit wallet, but as part of my ongoing research on the fundamentals of Tron (as to whether or not Justin Sun deserves to use my 2,600 stake of Steem) I converted HALF of the 192 into Tron (which I've basically just been holding onto and using to mine in the BetFury slots), and seeing that be in limbo, I decided to do an "A/B" test, and - especially after reading this post - went ahead and converted the other 96 Steem into DEC where it sits i my @steem-engine wallet. I want to compare the ROI on the DEC versus the Tron. Both uses of the Steem are productive for my current purposes, including the ongoing development of my weekly series related to the game. Here's the most recent one (which I share here only to illustrate that I have been writing about "Drug Wars" and "Prospectors" games, and how those are "good tries, but don't seem to have really "hit the sweet spot" on that genre of game :

"Splinterlands" + "Drug Wars" -- Power Strategy Tips #43

In section #2 of the above post I talk about "Prospectors", and how I really WANT to continue playing that game, but they don't make it easy. This is why I am so happy to see that the #Splinterlands folks are going this route. In relation to your comment, these guys have the ABILITY to pull off the merger of these two powerful game genres. Since my weekly series gets 100% upvote from the @splinterlands account, and I know they read (or perhaps more accurately, "torture themselves reading" the posts) my hope is that my input on this issue ( along with, likely, similar input from other players) has been a catalyst for moving the game in this direction. I am now FULLY commited to Splinterlands, and am even willing to completely power-downmy Steemit and put some/most/all of my Steem into DEC. One thing I'm waiting for, before I do that, is to see if there will be some sort of "airdrop" of the new "Tron Steem" token for those of us who hold Steem (since that value can be put into DEC as well). Anyways, this is really good news!

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