Splinter-lands No Attack monster challenge !!!

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Hey Splinterlanders,

I have been playing @Splinterlands for a while now and today I have decided to write a post about it on the topic of Weekly battle challenge. As it is my first time Kindly ignore my mistakes.

First of all I would love the Thank you @splinterlands team who work hard in creating this game and by creating this game they are spreading happiness and joy among all of us ( players).

I don't know much about the Weekly challenge, how to write about it and What I should include in it,

My beloved friend @aamirijaz helped me understand what I should be writing in my post today.

This time the battle ( challenge) theme is NO ATTACK!, below is the link to the original post of the challenge.

Splinterlands Original post.

As I said before I'm not good at writing stuff and I also don't know about the monster I should be using in the game, again I asked @aamirijaz to help me and he helped me and told me to play with Gelatinous

This monster has no attack but Comes with an amazing ability Scavenger

This ability let the monster to gain 1 life whenever a monster die in the battle, NO matter it is of you or of your opponent,

Now the next thing is to write about the lineup and which cards I have used in the battle, but before let me give you the battle link and battle screenshot to get the idea.


Here is the link to the battle in case anyone wants to see Link

I played with the death summoner and I have used 6 cards and their details are given below.

First Monster


The first Monster I used was Scavenger Which totally comply with the This week battle challenge as it has no attack but an outstanding ability, the reason of using it at first place is that it will continuously get 1 life whenever any monster dies in the match and save the other brother monster from getting damage. In this way, I could win the battle easily and that's what happened without losing any monster.

Second Monster

At Second Position I used Grumpy Dwarf which comes with the 1 Attack, 2 life, 2 speed, and 1 Shield. It also has Reach ability which was the main reason I used it in the battle. It attacks at the 2nd position, and it also has the 1 Shield.

Third Monster

At 3rd position, I used the Undead Priest which is one of my favorite monsters in the death summoner as it decreases the health of all the enemy monsters and upon doing it, it is easy for other monsters to attack them and kill them easily.

Fourth Monster

At Fourth Position, I used the Undead Archer which is a very useful card but it wasn't useful in this game, as there was no healing monster used in the game, The ability of this monster is to apply affliction and stop the attacked monster to get health.

Fifth Monster

At Fifth Position, I used the Twister Jester which is also one of my favorite monsters from the Death monster family. If Only charges 4 mana and comes with 2 Attack, 3 Speed, and 4 life, What a lucky monster!!! This monster has the Sniple Ability and it can attack the Ranged and magic attack monsters. The 3 speed and 2 damage is an awesome feature of this monster.

Sixth Monster

Last But not least, In the sixth position, I used Octo Pider which is one of the strong monster Death summoners have. It comes with 3 Ranged attacks, 3 Speed, and 7 seven life, It uses 8 mana. The best thing about this monster is that it has 3 speeds and a very strong 3 attack and it has a very big chance to kill the first monster of your enemy.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, My strategy works and I won the fight. I will try to use magic monsters instead of a range attack monster to how this goes and if I can win the battle or not.

Do you use NO ATTACK monsters often? Why or why not?

I use it in most of my fights as it gives you front cover that not many monsters can give you. and it gives your attacking monsters time to attack and kill enemy monsters. I would love to use NO attack monsters in future fights too.

Here is my referral link in case anyone wants to join @Splinterlands.


I will be sharing this post to my twitter and Facebook to get more attention.

Keep playing the game and keep winning Gold and legendary cards ;)


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