Last Longer - Pluck Magic Midnight 6 Max NLHL Poker Tourney Friday (EST)

in spl •  5 months ago

If you want to participate in a last longer contest for the Pluck Magic Midnight send 1 sbd to me and reference lucksacks screen name if not the same as steemit name. Comment "I'm in" to let the others know. Taking entries till late registration ends.

This Friday night will be the 2nd poker tournament that I host on It's free to play for @SPL members. If not a member... well, you got to get signed up. Visit the website to get on that.


Prize pool is 3 sbd. First place wins about 1 sbd and the remaining is paid down to the final table.

Up-votes to this post and those related help fund the prize pools to all the free poker action. I appreciate you taking the time view this post and help fund the game with your up-vote.

I want to thank all the folks that do so much work to give me a great place to play poker on-line at You know who you are. It was real easy for me to request hosting a game on the platform. Winning it... Well that's a whole different matter. These guys and gals are pretty darn good. Meet up with them on discord and you will read and hear about all that's going on in the steem poker league.

Enjoy and good luck!

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I'm in for the side pot.

Wasn't sure if I'd make it to the tourney or not. Thanks for hosting! It's a great tourney at a really good time.


np, did not make it myself. lol