When To Stop Playing Poker

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The main goal of this article is to help you improve your poker game before encouraging you to put those skills into practice playing online at Lucksacks.com or any online poker site. Playing poker is very fun and can also be beneficial if you are good enough (or lucky). However, there are also times when you should not play poker under any circumstances.

Don't play under the effects of fatigue



To make the most of a poker table you must pay attention, stay focused and be able to notice basic trends, such as betting patterns or physical signs (if you play live). It is practically impossible to get those patterns when you are feeling tired. Instead of giving all your attention to each hand, you may just"unplug" after folding, misread hands on or even click when you should not hence losing chips unnecessarily. Ignore the need to play poker if fatigue does not allow you to perform at your top level. To increase attention, sleep more, lead a healthy life and do some exercise. These three simple measures can guarantee that you do not overlook anything that happens at the poker table and that you deploy your full potential.

Don't play if you're Drunk                             



Yeah, maybe it's true that one or two beers help some to relax and allow them to gain enough confidence to bluff or call a big bet. However, usually drinking alcohol and playing poker, even if it's just one or two beers, is a huge mistake.

Alcohol affects judgment and may cause you to overlook information from the table that may be critical later on. It is also likely that your fatigue increases, which can be fatal in a deep tournament, where the most crucial and important decisions are made after hours (or days) of playing. If you are playing just for fun or with bets low enough to allow you to lose them, nothing happens if you drink something. However, if you take it seriously and want to play your best poker at the table, you should forget about drinking.

Don't play if your level is not enough

One of the best things about poker money games is that you can choose who to face. Before you sit down, you can see who the other players at the table are and decide. If you play online, you will find many free tournaments.  Do you think that all the other players at the table are really good? Choose a different table if you don't feel confident enough.

Sometimes you can not easily determine the level of the other players until you have been playing at the same table for a while, and sometimes you will have played with them and you will have previous information. It is essential to have the self-discipline to leave a game if you do not have enough level. You should not be ashamed to do it; Remember that the main objective of poker is trying to win. Now, there are times when playing against other players of higher level can be positive. It can often force you to raise the bar, try new tactics and improve your poker in the long term. But you are not interested in doing this often!

In a tournament, you do not have much margin to choose your rivals. You will be forced to play at the table where you are assigned to seat. Even with these limitations, you can choose opponents to a certain extent: try to play pots with players you consider weaker and avoid getting involved with those that you think are stronger. This plan will not always work perfectly (there are times when hands are given to you that you have to play yes or yes), but it is a good guideline that can make your life easier.

Don't play if you're in tilt mode



"Tilt mode" can manifest itself in several ways: anger, rage, depression, fear, etc. When entering tilt, each person reacts differently but, in essence, refers to the time where your performance at the table is impaired. If you think you're in "tilt mode", take a break and stop playing immediately.

Getting tilt can quickly spoil a fruitful cash game or cause your elimination from a tournament that until then was going well. So, if you notice that you are getting tilt, get away from the table and recover your serenity before it is too late.


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I thought the answer was gonna be 2008



Good advice Jon. I've only been playing less than a week with you fellas and I must say that unlike most online free poker, the players here are very disciplined in their approach to the game. I think it speaks volumes for the rules that Tuck has set up for acquiring an account. I look forward to playing more with ya'll.
Until next time,


You're more than welcome Sir! It's really nice to see you playing good poker at the tables!


Thanks for the compliment, still trying to get "a read" on players tendencies, I will probably do better once I have some more time with your group. I am a better live player than on online player, I have a hard time reading body language on my computer. So it takes longer to develop a feel for the players.

Another great article my love!!


Loveeee, loveee, loveee!

30 SBD tournament in 1h @spl! Tilt mode online! ;)

Great job man! Some nice advices to not have a bad time playing


Gracias amigo! hay torneo en un rato, animate!

Great article Jon. Keep up the good write.


Thanks a lot mate!

Good post Jon, I find distraction is an issue with me and sometimes dis-interest in the game I'm seated at. Easy for these things to happen when your playing from home. Live play would be fun, but I may never reach that level of play.


Lets see if you'll get distracted when we play 200-300 SBD tourneys lol.


I'm pretty sure I could stay focused for a few hours with that kind of coin on the line.
Looking forward to those days.