Steem Poker League Champions For Week Ending Aug 5 2017 Announced

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lebekons took down the coveted PLAYER OF THE WEEK badge this past week. lebekons was the highest SBD earner for the low-limit and mid-limit tournaments. In addition, lebekons took second in the 50 SBD Freeroll. Had lebekons won the 50 SBD Freeroll, he would have made SPL history by becoming the first SPL player to finish 1st in all three categories (which is what is required to win the Triple Crown).

There is still a place in SPL history for any player to become the first Triple Crown Winner. lebekons gave it a good shot and may not have won the Triple Crown, but he did win this week's Player Of The Week.


The most profitable player this past week was the themappster. Averaging 6.38 SBD for every event he played gave themappster the #1 spot on the most profitable list this week.


AlaQrab was SPL's most consistent player this past week. AlaQrab won 33% of the tournaments played!


lebekons scores again with the Most Active award. lebekons played 30 times this past week. That's over 4 events everyday. Seeing that lebekons is also Player Of The Week maybe this is how it's achieved. Play more, win more, be champion!


We start off the Wall Of Shame this week with SPL's biggest donk, 55eleven. This is the player who played the most without ever winning an event in the past week. Of all the players this past week who never won an event, 55eleven played more events than all of them and becomes this week's Biggest Donkey.


Our second player added to the Wall Of Shame this week is the person who got knocked out on the bubble the most. The winner of this prestigious award goes to GuyFawkes this week. With 33% of his finishes on the bubble, GuyFawkes becomes this weeks Bubble Boy winner.

Congrats to all the winners and donkeys. No matter where you end up, have fun and win free SBD! Special thanks to @tuck-fheman for his tireless work in manually curating the files so we can have these stats.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I thought there was already a Triple Crown Winner? Maybe mappster or bigchef?

themappster was leading in the first half of the week but didnt finish the latter half well opening the door for lebekons to move in.

heckin' lebekons

Well it is estimated. I didn't even expect such results. 👍

congratulations. you took down themappster who had the early lead in the week. Sorry there are no cash awards or trophies, maybe in the future we will have badges and profile pages where people get to know the players.

Haha, my fantasy came true even though I can't remember being the bubble :D

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