@chiefmappster closing in on becoming first SPL Triple Crown winner.

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After his 50 SBD League victory, @chiefmappster is about to do what no player in SPL history has done before, win the coveted SPL Triple Crown Badge. There are still a few players who can keep him from the coveted title, mainly @lebekons and @Cody.

To win the SPL Triple Crown Badge, a player within the span of one week (Starting Sunday and ending Saturday) must accomplish the following three tasks:

  • Win a 50 SBD League Freeeroll
  • Win the most SBD for the week in the Mid Limit Tourneys/SNG's
  • Win the most SBD for the week in the Low Limit Tourneys/SNG's
    • If by midnight Saturday (PST) a player is first in all three classes, they win the Triple Crown Badge, get their name in the record books as one of the rare Triple Crown Winners, and get free advertising for any post for one full week on the stats page and I'm sure we can get Tuck to put it on the Lucksacks main page for the week you reign as the Champ.

      This past week we saw @luj and @chiefmappster win a 50 SBD. There is also another 50 SBD scheduled for this August 4 on the Lucksacks website. The only ones who have a chance at the Triple Crown are the winners of a 50 SBD or greater tournament.

      The next challenge to conquer is to become the biggest SBD winner for the week in the small and medium sized tournaments and SNG's. If we look at the current status of these three challenges, you'll see that @chiefmappster is first in a 50 SBD, and is running second in the mid level games and third in the low limit games.

      To win the Triple Crown, @chiefmappster will need to win whatever @lebekons wins in the small limits PLUS an extra .29 SBD. In the mid level games, @Cody and @tzap90 are @chiefmappster's biggest threats. He will need to win more than those two (or anyone else who makes a bid) in the next three days to take down the first place spot.

      From the looks of things today, @chiefmappster appears to be the only player this week with a chance of winning the Triple Crown Trophy. Let's wish him luck and watch and see how it plays out.

      Win 5 SBD if you can pick who lasts the longest in @chiefmappsters 20 SBD event Thursday the 3rd. It's free to play, go vote now.

      For more details about the event go here

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      I will do all possible to hinder him so I can still be the first one ... hopign for a great fight to night lads :)

      Hmm, don't see myself on any list. May be I just need to do some playing first :-)

      the weekly stats are from Sunday to Saturday, so if you havent played much in the last 4 days, you may not see yourself.

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      Nice challenge. Good luck in. 🏆

      @lebekons thanks. maybe there will be more in the future.

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      Congratulations :)

      Ayyyyyy this is freakin epic. I've always wanted to be a Triple Crown winner like Secratariat :)

      @chiefmappster you are close. keep playing the smaller games and rakein some more SBD. You can do it.

      O yeah you definitely figure out how to motivate me haha. On it it:)

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