Steem Poker League Champions For Week Ending Aug 12 2017 Announced

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No one came close to winning the title this past week. The only two players with a chance were brnofre, and JonSnow. Both took a first place in the two Lucksacks 50 SBD events this past week. However, non of them did anything in the other two categories.

Speaking of the other two categories, they just got easier. The Mid-Limit Championship now consists of only the 18 SBD tournaments held once a day. That's only seven events! Win one of these and the 50 SBD and you have crossed the biggest hurdles. All you need do next is win a lot of SBD in the low-limit (which now includes 1.8 SBD tourneys) to take first as the biggest money earner.

No one yet has ever done it, and now that it's easier, and with the game plan laid out here, there is no reason we can't see a Triple Crown Winner soon.


lebekons took down the coveted PLAYER OF THE WEEK badge again this past week. Winning the Low-Limit category and coming second in Mid-Limit along with being this week's biggest casher on Lucksacks earns lebekons the title of Player Of The Week.


The most profitable player this past week was the Linux911. Averaging 4 SBD for every event played gave Linux911 the #1 spot on the most profitable list this week.


tylersr was SPL's most consistent player this past week. tylersr won 44% of the tournaments played! To be on the list, a player must have played a minimum of 3 events.


lebekons scores again with the Most Active award playing 47 times this past week. That's almost 7 events every day for 7 days straight. Considering he did almost the same last week, does lebekons ever sleep?.


The biggest donk this past week is a new player to the SPL, samest00. This donkey tried his luck on the felt 19 times but failed to book a win. reko came in second playing 13 times and not winning. Congrats to this weeks inductees into the Wall of Shame.


The donkeys just don't stop with the biggest loser, here is another Wall of Shame inductee, bethalea with the highest percentage of bubble finishes this past week. Finishing on the bubble 37% of the time played could lead one to believe that bethalea just doesn't have what it takes to cash.

Congrats to all the winners and donkeys. No matter where you end up, have fun and win free SBD! Special thanks to @tuck-fheman for his tireless work in manually curating the files so we can have these stats.

See The Complete List Of Winners & Donkeys
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Ohhhh, them's FIGHTING words, Will.

I'll see YOU. LATER.

Almost forgot... welcome to steemit, follow me I follow back. Content!


@bethalea hahaha you back on that list again! Dont take it personal, I say that to everyone on that list.



Angels game? You, me and @nicnas?

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Brother! thanks for the hard work you're putting into this, see you on the tables, Cheers!

@jonsnow1983 thank you for being part of SPL. See you on the felt.

Holy shit, I actually remember this hand from back then. Too cool!

hahaa.. yeah that was me causing all the excitement. That was definately one of the most exciting and fun final tables I dealt.

I will be on this list soon ahhahaha wait and c
good luck @ tables guys & Gals