Getting High off each other

in spirituality •  3 months ago

Have you ever sat with someone and felt as if the world had changed during the course of the conversation? Before the interaction things seemed solid but by the end of it they seemed liquid or even gaseous? Everything that separate begins to feel connected? This is what it feels like when we truly connect and bring each other up.


We leave more than just our words and ideas with someone when we interact with them. We leave an imprint of our energy, wherever it’s at, when we spend time with someone, and they leave theirs on us. We don’t necessarily have to let it in but when we do it can be a profound experience if both people are vibrating together.

It’s also possible to bring someone down this way. We don’t even have to say anything or even make gestures or eye contact. Simply standing next to someone can influence the way we feel. We will only let in what we are open to letting in though, and if we stay in a high state of consciousness, positive and full of love, those who may bring us down will effortlessly remove the,selves from our experience.

When two people who are open to raising their vibrations meet, they can aid each other in reaching a kind of high. This high is literally the very same high that one may feel from a substance based experience.

If you keep a positive attitude and a soft desire, one without any neediness, to raise the vibrations of those around you, you will find your own vibration being raised as you positively affect the people you meet. It won’t happen with everyone but you’ll experience this more and more.

Try it out. Try making your number one goal of every interaction to leave each person better than you found them, without any desire to impose any kind of ideas on them.

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