Card Reading: Daily Reminders- "The moment I embrace my peace within and surrender the outcome, is the moment that the Universe can truly get to work"

in #spirituality3 years ago (edited)


Although, it may not seem like it sometimes, there is peace within us all. That deep down part of you knows what you want too.

When we are set out to do things, big and small, we often get really wrapped up in what the path and what the outcome will be.

Surrender the outcome. Give up the control. Just want it and expect it to come.

We often get in the way of our manifestations because we think we know what’s best, the quickest and most logical path there, leaving the end outcome limited.

Try desiring something without trying to foresee the path and end result. Just want it and be open to signs and inspiring urges to act on.

Say to yourself, “I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I trust it will, I am open and ready to receive.”

Let the universe do it’s thing. The law of attraction doesn’t need your ego in there confusing the message.

Tap into the peace within you and get into the flow with the universe.

Card deck from: The Universe Has Your Back: A 52-card Deck

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