The Game of Your Energy

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I've been noticing that I'm less and less inclined to participate in "viral outrage" or debating whatever topic is popular to give your 2 cents on this week.

It's an energy drain. These are traps to keep you feeding "the matrix" (and locked into it).

The more mindful I am about what I give energy too, the more I’m able to build my energy.

If this idea of “energy building” seems foreign to you, think about eating healthy, exercising, being in nature, meditating, doing yoga, singing and dancing every day for a week. How would you feel after this? You would feel amazing.

There comes a point when you build your energy enough that you hit a tipping point. This is akin to the energy needed for a rocket to launch. Once you’ve launched, you can chill in orbit, with a 100 mile high view, while most people are squabbling on the ground with limited perspective.

This state of energy abundance has become my set point lately. I observe everything from a space of serenity. I’m more at peace with myself and other people. I’m more creative. I naturally help people more without even trying. And it just feels so good!

So the lesson is: Life is a game of energy. Be mindful of what sucks your energy and what builds your energy. Use that mindfulness to guide you.

Love & Blessings.
~ Stephen Parato

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Sounds good. How much time then you spend on Steemit?