Facing Death for a Better Life

in spirituality •  6 months ago

Hey, Infinite Men.

I've been reading this book called The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

It teaches that we have to face our mortality - by meditating on death and the impermanence of life - in order to have the ability to truly live in the moment and appreciate it.

In our society we try to forget death completely, and we treat our elderly like sh*t because we want to ignore the fact that they're dying.

We hide from death because we think, wrongly, that this is all there is. Let's talk about that.

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My gripe with this is that nothing we do here will last. Like, if I were to build something here, pass away, and then reincarnate, is it like resetting a video game and the universe starts over with a new time and place? Or is it something like "the universe is still here and you get to respawn and see your creation from a new body or just hang around the astral and fly around the cosmos"?


From What I can tell... you see everything in between lives. When you decide to have another go, you picked your circumstances - and away you go! Time isn't "real" and only exist in our current rule-set. So, you could pick whatever life that would have the lessons that you currently need to learn. And, then you go for it! But in between, i'm sure we can fly around and do all sorts of fun stuff. It's up to us when/how we want to come back.