I sat down last night and attempted to write something profound and inspirational but nothing came. I felt emotionally stuck, exhausted and very very weepy.

There is an incredible amount of intense, uncomfortable emotion crashing around inside of me. I am angry, disappointed, hopeless, lonely, confused, and weary. I don't feel like 'giving up or giving in' very often but today I did for a couple moments. I haven't even really attempted to 'move' myself because honestly I'm burnt out.

What keeps coming to me as I write this is the word ACCEPTANCE. Accept that I'm feeling like shit, accept that I don't feel like I have the power to shift myself in this moment, accept that I have down days, accept that I'm a mess and a half today, accept that the shift I am looking for might take time.

I am choosing to lean into the process, I am choosing to surrender and trust that spirit will take me exactly where I need to go.

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