What's the big deal? Why are we compelled to seek a conscious partnership? What makes the 'conscious' dynamic so incredibly different?

Conscious love makes you more of who you were created to be.

It celebrates your essence, your gifts and your magic.

It challenges the spaces you need to grow from a place of non-judgement.

It shines awareness the wounds that have never felt safe enough to be seen.

It truly sees the most authentic version of you and consistently welcomes the deeper layers of your soul to be revealed.

It strips your bare revealing the beauty that lies beneath.
Intuitively we know that a conscious relationship will bring us to the very core of our being.

It will trigger us, move us, shift us, celebrate us, challenge us and connect us to our higher self. It will strip us bare and reveal the beauty that lies beneath all the stories, the lies and the old limiting beliefs.

This is has been my experience of conscious love and relationship.

A conscious relationship is always growing because the partners are growing. It's more than just a lover, confidant and helpmate - it's a loving mirror who shows us both our magnificence and opportunities for growth.

Conscious relationships are what remarkable women who live a life towards fulfilling their potential seek. It's a space that's equally challenging and safe, where the communication is living and honest.

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