What if we loved ourselves right now, in this moment, regardless of where we are at?

What if we could love ourselves while we dig deep and work on the parts of us that need change? What if we could push ourselves and hold ourselves at the same time? What if we could forgive the person we used to be, pour love all over her, tell her you understand why she did the things she did and that she's going to be ok?

Maybe then the past wouldn't hold us back and our flaws wouldn't keep us stuck. Maybe then we could truly get to the bottom of the guilt and shame, hurt and pain and finally let it all go.

My expectations are high. I push myself hard. My desire to be my most magnificent is constantly moving me forward. But sometimes I think if I poured more love into the darkness I would get to the light a little quicker. If I could look at the parts I'm ashamed of and give myself the space to understand them, then maybe I could let them go and they wouldn't hold me in a space of resentment, frustration and disappointment.

Maybe perfection isn't being perfect. Maybe perfection is acceptance of the now. Maybe perfection is moving forward, letting go, forgiveness and love.

Today, right now I choose acceptance, forgiveness and love.

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