There are moments when I want to feel less.

I want to numb out. I want to hide inside a nice safe delusion, I want to block out the pain I feel that swirls around in my body and makes my head hurt.

My sensitivity hurts at times but I've been observing it in a different way. I've started to see very clearly how its the core the root the container for my greatest gift.

Being highly sensitive allows me to see into people's hearts, it allows me to vibrate on a frequency where I can connect with the soul, it allows me to feel pleasure so intense and deep I can see God, it allows me to love far beyond the human part of me and it allows me to connect with my inner self on a level I didn't know was possible. I can see things, hear things and feel things in a very unique magical way.

When I put it like that it why would I ever complain about it?

Embrace the parts of you that piss you off, that feel hard, that keep you stuck. If you dig a little deeper my sense is you will find a gift waiting to be discovered.

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