Soul love is the most powerful, intimate body, mind, soul relationship.

Soul love is when you can love without walls, hesitation and fear.

Soul love is when you can laugh your loudest, cry your ugliest, reveal your deepest secrets without guilt or shame. It fills you with courage and allows you to make love to your demons and stare fear in the face.

Soul love is wearing your heart on the outside of your body, willing to risk being hurt or rejected.

Soul love is strong and powerful. It can hold endless space with it's warmth, stability and firm boundaries

Soul love pushes you to be your best, but it wipes your tears and holds you close when you slip up.

Soul love is pure and authentic, it has no agenda.

Soul love can be messy and hard but it doesn't hold back. It pushes past the awkward and uncomfortable. It takes you all the way down to your core and allows you to see clearly. Delusion is gone. All that's left is truth.

Soul love will take the risk because it's beautiful, it's magic, it's intoxicating, it's the way we were created to love and we know it when we experience it.

When you reach this level of depth and connection nothing is off limits, no conversation too uncomfortable, nothing needs to be hidden. When you experience a love like this you will be thankful every single moment that you didn't settle for less.

Intuitively we know know this type of love is possible. That's why we aren't truly satisfied when we settle for less.

In order to attract this level of connection and be able to truly give this type of love you must have done your work. You need to be complete, with or without a partner. Only then can you love without attachment and fear. Only then can you make the conscious choice who you will give your love to. Only then can you love yourself and another from your depths of your soul.


Soul love should be everyone's goal.
It's a beautiful blessing to learn from and experience.

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