How do you speak to yourself?
What's your inner dialogue like?
Would you talk to your lover, your child or your bestie the way you talk to yourself?

The way we talk to ourselves determines how we feel about ourselves.

We can take daily candlelit bubble baths with Epson salts and rose pedals, get our nails done, do yoga and go for massage. We can perform beautiful acts of self-love all day long, but if inside we're beating ourselves up and being verbally abusive to self, how can SelfLove sink in on a deep soul level? How can Self love flow from our essence when we are so filled up with guilt, shame and negativity? We can't shine underneath heaps of self doubt, self loathing and self judgement

One of the first steps towards radical self love is getting serious about our self talk.

When your inner critic starts sending you negative messages, take a moment and stop; sometimes I literally say stop out loud. You can talk back to the inner critic by speaking your truth!

When I first started doing work in this space what really helped me was to STOP and write down the negative messages on one side of a piece of paper. On the opposite side of the paper I would write out the truth statement.

  • You deserve kindness.
  • You deserve gentleness.
  • You deserve understanding.
  • You deserve to speak to yourself like you would someone you're madly in love with.

That's so important, to show real love and understanding to youself, and overall be honest because that will let you be an integral human being, it doesn't matter if you're with somebody or if you're alone. As Eric Fromm sais in the art of loving "Paradoxically, the ability to be alone is the condition for the ability to love". So lets just go ahead and do what Andrea is saying and develop our inner love cause as Eric sais as well, and this one is my favorite "The mature response to the problem of existence is love."
I hope the best for all of you reading this and pls let me know if you enjoy this type of quotes!

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